2020 mountune Ford Focus STOwners of the Mk4 Ford Focus ST can join the mountune family thanks to the release of the latest update – the so-called m330 package. Giving even more to the award-winning Focus ST, the m330 pack is based on the success of the m225 and m235 Mk 8 Fiesta ST SMARTflash technology. Through the use of advanced technology, mountune has been able to deliver significant upgrades and changes in the overall performance rates to the vehicle. It also guarantees an OEM Plus feel.

All upgrades produced by mountune have undergone rigorous testing and development process, similar to that of an OEM. It seems that the dedicated team of engineers have delivered a package that pushes the boundaries of the Mk4 Focus ST, putting the driver in control!

Both power and torque have been pushed forward and now the Focus benefits from 50hp and 95Nm of additional power output. Something more, mountune's experienced team has worked hard I order to develop a sophisticated calibration which is not solely restricted to increased performance. Using the same engineering solutions as the M235 Mk8 Fiesta ST kit, the m330 pack incorporates no-lift shift optimization, making smooth and precise lift-less gear changes easily, as well as enhancing the exhaust overrun in order to create an optimum driving experience.

2020 mountune Ford Focus ST

Furthermore, customers will benefit from mTune SMARTflash app, allowing them to install the latest calibration from the comfort of their home. Sweet! It has been exclusively designed in order to make a selection between different calibrations simple and quick, which gives users the freedom to change the vehicle to suit their needs right on the spot!

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As it comes to the calibrations themselves, m330 provides users with a range of practical options – alongside with the already mentioned power output increase, the system features this Stock Performance, which returns the vehicle to its standard configuration and Anti-Theft, which fully immobilizes the vehicle.

Additional goodies include:

  • The complete m330 package includes:
  • SMARTflash EVI Bluetooth OBD adapter
  • mTune SMARTflash app, available for both Android and Apple
  • No-lift shift optimisation and enhanced exhaust overrun
  • Slippery mode is turned into quiet sport mode
  • 3 useful calibrations: Performance, Stock and Anti-Theft
  • High-flow panel air filter
  • mountune badge
  • mountune zip-up shell case

2020 mountune Ford Focus ST

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