Piecha Design combines the best of two worlds. With the SL-Roadster (R230), the Mercedes specialist from Rottweil in Baden Württemberg, Germany brings the classic four-eyed face with the double headlights and the fresh design of the 2008 facelift together. Thereby, the Avalange RS with an own character originates. At the Tuning World Bodensee in Friedrichshafen, the new model celebrates its world premiere at the exhibition booth of Eurotuner's Best (hall B3, stand 204).

The core part of the new design is the entirely re-engineered front. Piecha Design places its one-lamella grill between the double headlights which is typical for the SL facelift since 2008. But the refiner places the grill significantly flatter. The automobile front with the enlarged Mercedes bonnet star gives the car a much more dynamic look. The entirely re-engineered front skirt (from 1,985 euros including VAT) with the integrated one-lamella grill and bonnet star insert is made of elastomer-modified fibre glass composite material in one piece. Compared to normal glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), this has three advantages: perfect fit, even higher stability and at the same time a lower weight. Fog lights with chrome rings and black, xenon-bright LED daytime running lights are already built into the front skirt and are included in the delivery. The aerodynamics kit can be optionally ordered for automobiles with or without parking assistant system PARKTRONIC.

Piecha Design Mercedes-Benz Avalange RS (2009) - picture 1 of 6
Piecha Design Mercedes-Benz Avalange RS (2009) - picture 2 of 6
Piecha Design Mercedes-Benz Avalange RS (2009) - picture 3 of 6
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Piecha Design Mercedes-Benz Avalange RS (2009) - picture 6 of 6

The determined design line by Piecha Design does not only show at the new front skirt, but also at the chromed bonnet fins (98 euros) and the SL-R side fins which are extended right to the doors (476 euros). This characteristic style is continued in a striking way with side skirts (1,100 euros) with a reverse air inlet pointing towards the rear. The winding design of the skirts sustainably affects the wedged shape of the side view and gives the Avalange RS additional dynamics.

The rear skirt can be optionally ordered with or without PARKTRONIC (from 1,390 euros) and the continuously embedded grid which spreads over the entire width of the automobile, the design is further enhanced. Piecha design offers the separately inserted diffuser which is limited by the four pipe system of the sport rear muffler QUADRO (1,475 euros) as well as the additional middle front lip optionally in carbon fibre. Alternatively, QUADRO 4-pipe tail ends (398 euros) are also available for welding them to the serial mufflers.

Piecha Design confirms its sense for design vocabulary with further details. A discreet  rear spoiler lip (from 275 euros) on the boot lid, optionally also in carbon fibre, gives the overall appearance a harmonious finish. The Mercedes manufacturer completely refrains from so-called fender corners at the spoilers and therefore creates an aerodynamics kit of one piece.

Except for the front skirt, all aerodynamics components also fit for the facelift of the Mercedes SL from 04/2008 including the AMG models SL 63 and SL 65 whose styling is especially enhanced by the Avalange RS look.

The safety of the component parts perfectly matches the sporty shape. Each attached part has been checked in elaborate tests far beyond the 300 km/h mark.

All aerodynamics parts are delivered with all inner attachments and are manufactured in such a way that they can be fitted to the original spots. This does not only reduce the assembly costs, but also allows selling the entire original parts.

The sportive look of the Avalange RS is not only enhanced by the aerodynamic kit, but also by lowering the car by 35 millimetres. For ABC sport running gears, Piecha Design also offers an electronic lowering.

The light alloy wheels dp3 Avalange do not only bear the same name as the car, but they also match perfectly technically and also visually. The one-piece 20-inch-wheel in a ten-spoke design is available in High Gloss Silver and Satin Black. In both finishes, the stainless steel rim well is highly gloss-polished and equipped with bolt heads for a sporty multi-part look. Piecha Design offers wheels for the Avalange RS in the dimension 9.5x20 for the front- and 10.5x20 inches for the rear axle for 245 and 285 tyres or 255 and 305 tyres. (2,290 euros for the entire rim set). Alternatively there is the real three-part dp1 CC with 18 edged spokes in different sizes up to 9.5x20 and 11.5x20 inches (4,490 euros).

The refiner lifts the driving pleasure with the Power Converter "Intermedia" (429 euros). Therefore, there is no more "reaction second" when pushing the electronic accelerator. The  Avalange RS fastly reacts to the acceleration and performs excellent sprints from all speed ranges.

Another comfort highlight is the Varioroof module (299 euros). A "must have" product. With this, the convertible top can be opened and closed up to a speed of 60 km/h. The roof can be opened by pressing a button in the interior or the serial car key. The front passenger (only) can enjoy films with the DVD-connection module (189 euros) also during the journey.

The Avalange RS confirms that Piecha Design knows how to give a classic model a fresh look and how to create an automobile with an individual character at the same time. The experience from working at the Mercedes-Benz SLK (R171) has now been perfected with the SL. The love for details and highest quality production make Piecha Design the first choice for Mercedes roadsters.