If you want to be a green-oriented person, you no longer need to ride a bicycle. Why, because the new Range_e is at hand. The Jaguar Land Rover's technology concept for a plug-in hybrid diesel-electric powertrain just received the 2011 Award for Automotive Innovation by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). And there are many reasons about this accomplishment. The innovative system was first revealed at the Geneva motor show in March. It has been acclaimed by the auto industry as the most significant achievement of the year and as a great development for the world-wide market.

The first reason for all these achievements is that the Range_e marks the globe as a luxury all-wheel drive vehicle, which is powered by a plug-in hybrid system: equipped both with a 94PS (69kW) electric motor and 14.2kWh lithium-ion battery with Land Rover's 245PS (180 kW)  3.0-litre TDV6 diesel engine. This fascinating eco-friendly vehicle is based on the Range Rover Sport and what is important it can be driven for more than 20 miles on its electric power creating zero tailpipe emissions(isn't it stunning). Furthermore, to optimize the CO2 emissions, the diesel hybrid drivetrain takes care about it. Can you even imagine that the overall CO2 output is only 89g/km and all goes with 85mpg fuel economy, while at the same time the system's combined power of 339PS (249 kW) delivers a top speed of around 193 km/h (120mph). And if you wonder about the battery recharging – it can be accomplished simply and efficiently by connecting the system to an external 240V power source!!!

The award that has been given is sponsored by GKN, was presented to Jaguar Land Rover at the SMMT annual dinner by Norman Baker (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport), and Rob Rickell (GKN Global Engineering Director).

May be you don't know that the Range_e is one of a number of Land Rover projects supported by the UK Government's Technology Strategy Board. In addition five more prototype models are currently engaged in a test program with Land Rover's fellow members of the CABLED (Coventry and Birmingham Low Emissions Demonstrators – consortium). There's no doubt that this technology is the future and it is destined to be deployed in production vehicles. For this reason Land Rover is planning an introduction of its first diesel-electric hybrid model in 2013. Stay tuned … and eco!

Range Rover_e