A SUV with less than 100 grams of CO2 per kilometer? Impossible? Land Rover will exhibit the Range_e prototype at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

The vehicle is powered by a 3.0-litre TDV6 diesel engine with the help of a small electric motor.

The most important thing about the SUV is that it can travel up to 32 km (20 miles) simply on electricity. After that, the diesel engine activates to increase the range an additional 1 080 km (671 miles).

There are no further data about the performance, but the top speed is satisfying - 193 km/h (120 mph) and the CO2 - only 89 g/km.

Looks like the big SUVs will be no more ECO unfriendly.

Land Rover Range_e (2011) - picture 1 of 3
Land Rover Range_e (2011) - picture 2 of 3
Land Rover Range_e (2011) - picture 3 of 3