Toyota showed the RAV4 rally vehicle at the Monster Energy Supercross Championship this weekend at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. The driver is Ryan Millen himself. As you know, Millen won the 2014 Baja 1000 in Toyota Tundra TRD Pro. Now he will drive the RAV4 at various stages. The RAV4 was unveiled between races to display pits throughout the event.

Despite the fact, that competing RAV4 in professional races is a rare sight, now Toyota's entry choice stopped on the RAV4. The car is geared with a stock transmission, a 2.5-Liter four-cylinder double-overhead cam engine, that produces 176 hp (129 kW) and172 pounds of torque. Millen's team managed to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle with the amazing 500 pounds, while adding different roll cage, tires and suspension.

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As you know, RAV4's lighter design allows it to perform extremely well in desert beach or other track. And this is the reason why Toyota team chose this particular model for the races in America.

Ryan Millen is the son of the off-road legend Rod Millen and has been racing for Toyota since childhood. From racing for Ivan Stewart at nine-years old to to racing the FJ Cruiser in Baja 1000, he has proudly demonstrated professionalism and determination to what he likes the most. He will participate in numerous races, that include some of the West Series in America and he will be competiong in the 2WD stock class with the rally built RAV4.

We wish him best of luck and lots of occasions for celebration!

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