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chinese artist yin simon orders black fxx k with eccentric accents

Chinese Artist Yin Simon Orders Black FXX K with Eccentric Accents

Everyone has a specific taste. This comes very clear when it comes to cars and preferences to their exterior looks. We have seen so many strangely tuned vehicles so far that it is sometimes hard to hide your laughter. However, the case with this Ferrari isn’t such, and in fact I find it somewhat charming. The other difference is that this isn’t a custom tuning project, but it has been rather ordered in such appearance directly from the factor

ferrari 488 gtb debuts in tokyo

Ferrari 488 GTB Debuts in Tokyo

Ferrari 488 GTB is a new model we have seen debuting in the beginning of February. The good news is that it has made it in Japan and now can be officially purchased there. The premiere happened in Tokyo and this is actually the second time the car is shown after Geneva. The event was held in a very special location along the waterway in the city, in the Isle of Tennozu. Red laser beams expressed the pulse of the 488 GTB. This color wasn’t accidental. It was actually in harmony with the ext

ferrari revealed the stunning 2015 california t

Ferrari Revealed the Stunning 2015 California T

At the Auto Shanghai show Ferrari revealed the stunning California T model. The godlike beauty is crafted only for the Chinese auto show, just to demonstrate how Ferrari's "Tailor Mode" program allows customers to tweak a car just like they want. As you know, since the 1950s, the California model is  a symbol of elegance, beauty and sportiness. The 2015 California T has something vintage in its look. The interior is rich on detail and even the smallest components are crafted with incredible precision. The seats

dmc creates “elegante” aero kit for ferrari 458 italia

DMC Creates “Elegante” Aero Kit for Ferrari 458 Italia

What happens when a supreme Italian car meets an exclusive tuner like DMC? You are right if you say that the car becomes even cooler, but what I meant by this question is actually the expansion of DMC’s kits over even more exclusive supercars. The current vehicle under attention is the Ferrari 458 Italia, which is ba

the beauty and the performer, starring fxx k [video]

The Beauty and the Performer, Starring FXX K [VIDEO]

The FXX K was officially unveiled at the Finali Mondiali in Abu Dhabi and it is the result of the cooperative work by Ferrari's GT and the GES racing divisions. This incredible and extreme model is built and available only for track use.  It was especially forged with unseen aerodynamic and engine efficiency . Interes

liberty walk and sr auto roll out insane ferrari 458 spider

Liberty Walk and SR Auto Roll Out Insane Ferrari 458 Spider

In December last year we announced that the specialists at SR Auto Group have begun working on a Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Spider. Back then there was only a couple of photos released suggesting that the black Italian supercar will have some red stylish accents. And so it has. Today we have the project fully revealed and I must admit it is crazy! At first we must bring some attention to the LW wide body kit, which is the first factor making the

touring superleggera f12 berlinetta lusso inspired by italian golden era

Touring Superleggera F12 Berlinetta Lusso Inspired by Italian Golden Era

Staring at the pictures of the Touring Superleggera Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Lusso I am amazed by the detailed work the tuners have done. The car is a main star at company’s stand at the Geneva Motor Show and so far has gathered many glances. The good news is that there will be more than one car produced. Precisely - only five. But they are enough if we are going to see the same precision and individuality applied. But let’ see why the Berli

scg 003 stradale and competizione officially unveiled

SCG 003 Stradale and Competizione Officially Unveiled

The Glickenhaus automotive empire has taken the wraps off the road-going SCG 003S and its track-only brother, the SCG 003C. The S in the name stands for Stradale, while the C in the name of the other vehicle means Competizone. Both of these beasts are going to be officially presented during the 2015 Geneva Motor S

ferrari 488 gtb promises extreme driving thrills

Ferrari 488 GTB Promises Extreme Driving Thrills

Attention everybody! Meet Ferrari’s newest superbeast dubbed 488 GTB! With this model, the automaker “opens a new chapter in its 8-cylinder history,” forty years after the introduction of its first ever mid-rear-engined V8 vehicle. In terms of power, 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 3.9-litre (3902cc) engine that boast around with 660 bhp at 8000 rpm and 560 lb-ft of torque at 3000 rpm. When we compare it to the normally aspirated 4.5-litre V8 used in the 458 Italia (562 bhp at

ferrari f12berlinetta tour de france 64 revealed

Ferrari F12berlinetta Tour de France 64 Revealed

Ferrari and Francorchamps Motors displayed the F12 Berlinetta Tour de France 64 special edition at the Dream Cars Show in Brussels, Belgium. The car is special in a way that it pays tribute to the Ecurie Francorchamps team and the 250 GTO in which Lucien Bianchi and Georges Berger won the 1964 Tour de France Automobile. The original Modena yellow finish applied by the Ecurie Francorchamps has been altered. The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Tour de France 64 special edition now has a modern twist thanks to the Argen

ferrari 458 spider uglier than ever

Ferrari 458 Spider Uglier than Ever

What is going on in the automotive world? Seriously. In order to visualize their out-of-the-box thinking and in their attempts to stand out from the crowd, some tuners craft out (I am not really sure if the word “craft” is right when we talk about failures) something that is not even good enough for a low-budget cartoon production. If making a model which can only stand for displeasing intrusiveness is a skill, then the Japanese tuning company Office-K definitely has it. Stripping dow

pp-performance has power tweaks for ferrari f12berlinetta

PP-Performance Has Power Tweaks for Ferrari F12berlinetta

When two companies dedicated to exclusivity, style and performance merge into one project, the result is something like the next car we are to present to you. PP-Performance has redefined the concept for power of the Ferrari F12berlinetta and the end result is stunning. Well, they didn’t focus that much on the appea