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48-liter gallon fuel tank on ford crewcab? yes, please!

48-liter gallon fuel tank on Ford CrewCab? Yes, please!

2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty, believed to be the toughest, smartest and most versatile Super Duty vehicle that brand has ever produced, receives additional goodies. More precisely, it is just one, but a massive one: a 48-gallon fuel tank. Ford engineers' idea is to reduce the fill-ups and allow drivers to have more ti

carlex design interprets the fascinating 1967 ford mustang fastback

Carlex Design interprets the fascinating 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

The iconic muscle car gets unparalleled interior design Among the best interior tuning designers out there is undoubtedly Carlex Design. And by tuning the cabin of this 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback they have done literally the unimaginable: the experts have created a space that looks like a fine art. It is a stunning mixture of the old and new, which highlights the intense character of the most iconic of all Mustangs. On the outside, the clas

ford to become a leader in autonomous technology by 2021?

Ford to become a leader in Autonomous technology by 2021?

Ford autonomous vehicles target Ride Sharing in 2021 With the burst of the autonomous technology, brand are in some sort of unannounced battling, constantly improving it and trying to bring the first innovations in the field. The latest news about the fully autonomous technology comes from Ford. It has just anno

a tale of super trucks and drones: ford's challenge towards all technicians out there!

A tale of Super Trucks and Drones: Ford's challenge towards all technicians out there!

It looks as Ford team is proud of their new 2017 F-Series Super Duty Truck and do want everyone to see it rolling. And what did they do? Take the vantage point to the next level. Quite literally. What Ford crew is planning, is indeed to take the mighty truck for a walk and the same time record the beast in action with a drone. Their personal signature drone machine. The Super Duty truck will be captured in bird's-eye view all across rural road

the more, the better: ford performance and the ever evolving f-150 raptor

The more, the better: Ford Performance and the ever evolving F-150 Raptor

As you already know, Ford F-150 Raptor, believed to be the toughest, smartest and more reliable F-150 created ever, receives a set of FOX shocks: these are exclusively created by Ford and FOX teams to further enhance the flexibility and capability of the machine. These are 3.0-inch FOX shocks add base valve piston with lower gas pressure, which results in more comfortable and smooth road ride. Also, the internal bypass in the front and rear sh

eibach competes wrc with the release of 350 hp ford focus rs

Eibach competes WRC with the release of 350 HP Ford Focus RS

Eibach Ford Focus RS impresses with cool tuning pack and a lot of horsepower Eibach has achieved something that even the WRC team hasn’t. We are talking about their latest project, involving the Focus RS. Its 2.3 litre Eco-Boost four-cylinder engine is now capable of 350 HP (257 kW), as the number plate on the vehicle highlights. In other words, this hot compact car has even more horses than the equivalent WRC rally car. After the team

which are top 6 of europe’s greatest driving roads? ford answers in exclusive video series [part two]

Which are top 6 of Europe’s greatest driving roads? Ford answers in exclusive video series [part two]

Ford and BP/Castrol have answered which are top 6 of Europe’s greatest driving roads via special video series. We have followed them until number 4 (check out in the link below), and now it is time to reveal the last two tracks that the car journalist Steve Sutcliffe has picked for you. Traveling across Europe can be very exciting, especially when you are on four wheels and well prepared. Since the summer has already started, this is one good w

ford performance team showcases f-150 raptor's flexibility [w/video]

Ford Performance team showcases F-150 Raptor's flexibility [w/video]

Stories about our favorite F-150 Raptor continue! Today we continue with vehicle's special systems that allow it to tackle down any challenge in any road condition and situation. F-150 Raptor features a total of five terrain modes to fit in every kind of demanding road (or off-road track). So, here's what you can do with tweaking a bit the buttons in the cabin: Normal mode As name suggests, this one is the preferred one for everyday on-road dut

aeb system: is it that popular and important as they want us to see it?

AEB system: is it that popular and important as they want us to see it?

New car sales researches revealed what majority of people prefer when it comes to buying a new vehicle. Analyzed by independent researchers, results show that buyers mainly prefer cars with more safety features, but for some reason not everyone is into the Autonomous Emergency Braking. Interesting. However, good thing is to know that people are heading towards safety, instead of some overall useless hi-tech tweaks, right? However, results show

ford gt under extensive wind tunnel testing before official release [w/video]

Ford GT under extensive wind tunnel testing before official release [w/video]

Ford is franticly preparing to release the best car in its range Ford GT is making WOWs every time it appears, be it even on your computer screen. By the way, its development continues unabated, and everyone is impatiently expecting to see the market debut of the carbon fiber supercar before the end of this year. In other words, the expectations are high and Ford is really making great efforts not to disappoint fans and future customers. F

2017 ford f-150 gets 10-speed automatic for better torque results

2017 Ford F-150 gets 10-speed automatic for better torque results

Ford adds second-gen 3.5-liter EcoBoost and 10-speed automatic to the options list 2017 Ford F-150 goes on sale this fall. The leader in the truck segment will amaze its new customers with the various innovations and exceptional torque delivery. By the way, the newest variant of the F-150 is going to offer segment-leading torque, thanks to the new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine under its hood. The other substantial reason for the enhanced torqu

silver king edition ford mustang commemorates 80th anniversary of richard petty

Silver King Edition Ford Mustang commemorates 80th Anniversary of Richard Petty

The King Edition Mustang is here and it looks hot as hell! Actually we have received the first sketch of an upcoming version of the famous pony car, which is going to be created by Petty's Garage in a very limited run. The vehicle appears after a continued partnership with Ford Motor Company for an exclusively 500 "King Edition" Ford Mustang GT model. This makes the third year in a row, that both companies join forces to build these cool Mustang