Europe's Greatest Driving Roads by fordFord and BP/Castrol have answered which are top 6 of Europe's greatest driving roads via special video series. We have followed them until number 4 (check out in the link below), and now it is time to reveal the last two tracks that the car journalist Steve Sutcliffe has picked for you. Traveling across Europe can be very exciting, especially when you are on four wheels and well prepared. Since the summer has already started, this is one good way to spend it traveling around Europe, and we promise that it not only would be worth it, but it will leave you with unforgettable memories.

"Europe's Greatest Driving Roads", is a video project, which explores six of the most exclusive pathways that could be found on the Old Continent. If you wonder how the routes were chosen, the answer is - with a ranking by the thrill factor they offer, the road surface, the accessibility and hospitality, the scenery as well as the food and drink after the drive. The lucky one to pick up those six tracks is the well-known car journalist Steve Sutcliffe, who has actually covered nearly 10,000 miles in 12 months to identify the most breath-taking drives! A dream job, isn't it?

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In short, the list features five countries: Romania, France, Germany, Spain (with two routes) and the United Kingdom. And the performance cars included in the videos are delivered by Ford, including the Mustang GT, Focus RS and Fiesta ST. What we have seen so far are the first route in Spain, the one in Romania as well as those in the UK and France. Here are the last two you need to know about.

GERMANY, B500, Black Forest Highway

The B500 is 40 km long and it is positioned in the middle of the enchanting Black Forest. Sutcliffe says that these are some of the most challenging kilometers he has ever driven. However, he also proudly confirms that they are worth the effort. In this video, he drives the Ford Focus ST TDCI Estate. You will fall in love with every corner of this great driving road!

MALLORCA, MA10, Mountain Road

Here, Steve says that it's not just the road but the history, which makes Mallorca's MA10 extremely intriguing. The road is fun to ride on, especially if you are in Focus ST like Sutcliffe. It features tunnels, passes across lakes and over rocky bridges. But in the middle of the MA10 sits a 13th century Sanctuary de Lluc monastery, which defines this amazing piece of road.

These roads are for people who love cars and love driving, but also want to make an amazing road trip. So, what are you waiting for?

Source: Ford via YouTube