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Opel Insignia wins esteemed red dot design award

The Opel Insignia has been recognized once again by an international expert jury for its outstanding design, winning the prestigious “red dot” award for product design. The international red dot design award – allotted since 1955 under the aegis of the Design Zentrum North Rhine Westphalia in Essen, Germany – ranks among the largest and most renowned design prizes in the world. It is granted to products by an international panel of design experts who base their criteria on degree of innovation, functiona

Opel Ampera to Debut in 2011

The revolutionary Opel Ampera today celebrated its world premiere at the 79th Geneva Motor Show. General Motors Europe president, Carl-Peter Forster, unveiled the extended-range electric vehicle and announced plans to put the car into production in late 2011. The Ampera will also be offered with right-hand drive in the United Kingdom by Opel's sister-brand, Vauxhall. "The Opel Ampera further demonstrates GM's leadership in the electrification of the automobile," said Carl-Peter Forster. "I

Opel Highlights at Geneva Motor Show

Opel’s new extended-range electric vehicle, the Ampera will electrify the world when it is revealed in March at the Geneva Motor Show. Fair goers will be able to see for the first time how Opel works on providing today new solutions to mobility. Opel also will highlight its range of low emissions ecoFLEX line of cars in the Agila, Corsa, Astra, Zafira CNG Turbo and Insignia, proving that the brand already today delivers economy without compromising on performance. Car of the Year 2009 �

ADAC's Yellow Angel takes a green trip with a Opel HydroGen4

On the “Day of the Yellow Angel,” an annual meeting of the German automobile club (ADAC), GM/Opel has presented the group with a HydroGen4 car they will use for roadside assistance service in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. The hydrogen-powered HydroGen4 will be the first fuel-cell vehicle in the world to be put through the daily rigor of the extremely demanding breakdown service. The use of the HydroGen4 vehicle is an important element of

opel to reveal ampera electric car at geneva motor show

Opel To Reveal Ampera Electric Car At Geneva Motor Show

Opel has announced Ampera as the name of its revolutionary extended-range electric car. The five-door, four-seat Opel Ampera will be revealed at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show (March 5-15). “With the Ampera, Opel will be the first European automobile manufacturer to provide customers several hundred kilometers of non-

New Opel Antara with Front-Wheel Drive: Loads of Space at Lower Cost

Opel now offers the Antara with front-wheel drive for active people and families who seek space and high seating and prefer the look of a crossover. By opting for a 4X2, buyers have a cost savings on a car that already offers high value for money. The Antara front-wheel drive is available with the Common Rail Turbo diesel 2.0 CDTI with 93 kW/127 hp as well as the 2.4 liter gasoline engine with 103 kW/140 hp. Regardless of the motor chosen, the

insignia by steinmetz

Insignia by STEINMETZ

It's taken five years to complete the styling on the Opel Insignia. Now it's ready, packed with the latest technology such as innovative lighting systems, all-wheel drive with selective power distribution to the rear wheels, and adaptive suspension. Not to mention pedestrian protection. So is there still room for tuning? Emphatically: Yes. With careful selection, picking up the styling cues, the Insignia by Steinmetz has been given a special tuning package to become a winner in the new lo

Opel Zafira 1.6 CNG Turbo: First Turbo-charged CNG Van

The most powerful natural gas-propelled vehicle premieres in December when Opel presents its first Compressed Natural Gas compact van with a turbo-charger at the Bologna motor show (December 5 to 14, 2008). The new Zafira 1.6 CNG Turbo has an output of 150 hp and a top speed of 200 km/h but consumes only 5.3 kg of n

Opel Agila now with Automatic Transmission

Compact size and automatic transmission – two factors that can help car drivers relieve the stress of everyday big-city traffic. The Opel Agila now offers both. Only 3.74 meters long, this subcompact can easily take advantage of those spaces between parked cars most vehicles have to pass up. And, thanks to the optional four-speed automatic transmission, city drivers don’t have to wear out their leg muscles in stop-and-go traffic. The Agila Automatic has smooth shifting capability thanks to the hydro-dynamic

Opel and GM Develop Vehicles with a Sixth Sense

In its second international forum, the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium (C2C-CC) is demonstrating for the first time worldwide vehicle-to-X communication independent of manufacturer or vehicle-type. Opel is hosting the event at the GM Dudenhofen Test Center in Germany. Preventing accidents by warning drivers about potential danger from other vehicles was a major goal during the development of the new General Motors/Opel C2C (car-to-car or vehicle-to-vehicle) communication systems. Vehicles equipped with this t

Opel Model Year 2009: Cleaner, More Economical and Attractive

The main attraction in Opel model year 2009 is without question the new Insignia. The notchback and hatchback versions will be introduced in November 2008 and the station wagon variant, the Sports Tourer, will follow a few months later. All three models are now available to order. The other model lines were made even more attractive with targeted refinements. The best examples are the Agila, Corsa, Meriva, Astra, Zafira and Combo: to date, the lo

Economy without Compromise: Opel Insignia ecoFLEX

The new Insignia ecoFLEX, debuting at the Paris Motor Show (October 4 - 19), offers environmentally friendly driving without making any compromises. In contrast to many other competitors, it is not a low-end model, but rather combines powerful propulsion and driving fun with highest efficiency. Opel’s newest ecoFLEX