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land cruiser will come with new engine and additional gadgets

Land Cruiser Will Come With New Engine And Additional Gadgets

Toyota Land Cruiser will get some more upgrades and goodies this summer. And one of the most important change is the engine. Yes, the Land Cruiser now comes with fresh and redesigned powerplants and confidently will defend its position as one of the best vehicles on the market today. Furthermore, all the models in the lineup received some more goodies. So, let's check out what is happening here. The 2.8 D-4D engine The three- and five-door Land

2015 i-road has finally reached texas!

2015 i-Road Has Finally Reached Texas!

North Texas residents met the i-Road, the three-wheeled electric vehicle and COMS, the compact electric vehicle last weekend at American Airlines in Dallas. All the people, who participated in the event spent some time answering questions and reviewing different technological trends and told the audience about the ultra-compact vehicles and the ways they will make our lives easier. Furthermore, there are numerous focus groups in Silicon Valley, California in February 2015, that received some

toyota prado gets high-torque diesel engine

Toyota Prado Gets High-Torque Diesel Engine

Toyota LandCruiser Prado is now more powerful than ever due to the addition of the 2.8-litre Global Diesel (GD) four-cylinder engine. The unit was specifically developed from the ground up to contribute towards the massive gains to the performance of the vehicle. In addition, the engine is also quieter and more efficient, reliable and robust in its operation. Power & Torque The 2.8-litre GD produces up to 177 hp (130kW) at 3400rpm in comparison to the 173 hp (127kW) from the current 3.0-litre turbo-diesel eng

2015 toyota prius v hybrid: with great comfort comes and great performance

2015 Toyota Prius V Hybrid: With Great Comfort Comes and Great Performance

2015 Toyota Prius V Hybrid seven-seater comes with fresh looks, more comfort and improved performance. There are two models in the lineup, that will bring incredible safety features and hi-tech gadgets like the Lane Departure Alert and the upgraded Pre-Crash Safety System. Furthermore the Prius V Hybrid will demonstrate and wonderful stability with the adjusted suspension system and  damping force. But let's check out what else the model has to

toyota shows its 30-years history at le mans in short video

Toyota Shows its 30-Years History at Le Mans in Short Video

Toyota once again bids to claim one of the biggest prizes in the world of motorsport: the Le Mans 24 Hours victory. And now, to mark the 30th anniversary of Toyota's first appearance in the world's toughest race, the brand released a short film, that tells the story of its campaigns. Since the 1980s with its involve

toyota will celebrate numerous successful events at the goodwood festival of speed

Toyota Will Celebrate Numerous Successful Events at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Toyota comes up with a promising and exceptional lineup of race cars, rally cars and road cars, that will be presented on this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed. The reason? The well-known bran will celebrate its incredible success on the road for numerous years. Now, Toyota will return to the Goodwood Festival of Speed with the car drivers, who made history on the track. Toyota Gazoo Racing and the World Champion driver Anthony Davidson and t

one-off toyota gt86 collection pays homage to its heritage

One-Off Toyota GT86 Collection Pays Homage to its Heritage

Toyota GT86 is one of the most famous and wanted sports cars in company’s line-up of vehicles. Well, the news that has just arrived is that Toyota is paying tribute to its heritage with classic a fleet of six GT86 coupes dressed in classic liveries. They are actually a celebration of the great Toyota race and rally c

2015 toyota aygo x-cite is ready to excite europe!

2015 Toyota AYGO x-cite is Ready To Excite Europe!

Since the day, that it was launched, the latest AYGO became one of the most popular A-segment contenders, that was sold with more than 70,000 units through Europe. With its well-known design and the extensive customization tweaks, along with the engineering improvements, the AYGO is made with fun in mind. And now, Toyo

toyota is recognized as the most valuable car brands for 2015

Toyota Is Recognized as the Most Valuable Car Brands for 2015

Once again Toyota brand is listed in the top spot of the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2015. With its USD 28.9 billion it remains as the most anticipated automobile brand.  According to a report, the modern society trends challenge the vehicle industry in numerous ways. And it really is a challenge to stay on the market with high-quality product, but to be different at the same time. Nowardays the so called "colliding trends" ar

toyota sienna proves, that it is one of the best suv machines ever created!

Toyota Sienna Proves, That it is One of the Best SUV Machines Ever Created!

With its 150 cubic feet cargo space the Toyota Sienna has place for everything and everyone! Something more: the 2015 Sienna took home the Best in Class Minivan Award at the fifth annual New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA). But this is not the only Toyota vehicle, that won a NEMPA award! Furthermore, the incredible 2013 RAV4 has taken a special prize. As you know, this is one of the first small SUV machines and offers incredible perfor

2015 toyota aurion is further upgraded and tuned, but the price remains the same!

2015 Toyota Aurion is Further Upgraded and Tuned, but the Price Remains the Same!

Toyota brings even more features for the Aurion model, but the prices stay the same. The vehicle now will come with increased safety technologies, style and better overall performance. Toyota team really has a lot to offer with the old-new model. So let us see what it has to offer. Now, the Aurion model is geared with numerous airbags, rear cames and with stability and traction control systems, special brake system and a special air-conditione

2015 toyota hilux will be even more powerful and more confident

2015 Toyota Hilux Will be Even More Powerful And More Confident

Toyota team is ready to take the HiLux mode to the next level with the premiere of the latest next-gen model. The global debut will be staged simultaneously in Australia and Thailand and what the latest HiLux model has to offer is advanced safety, comfort and convenience features. Additional features will include an even stronger frame, four powerplants, improved towing capacity and payloads of up to 1240kg. And as always, Toyota team will demons