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toyota racing confirms lineup for fia world endurance championship

Toyota Racing Confirms Lineup for FIA World Endurance Championship

2015 Toyota TS040 Hybrid is to be driven by two brand new drivers included in the lineup for the FIA World Endurance Championship. They are Anthony Davidson and Mike Conway. With the announcement of their addition to the list, Toyota Racing has finally confirmed the driver line-up for this year. The team will be competing with two TS040 Hybrid cars and has the goal of keeping the drivers’ and manufacturers’ world champion titles. As a remi

toyota camry hybrid to be even more efficient? see the prototype!

Toyota Camry Hybrid to be Even More Efficient? See the Prototype!

Toyota announced that it is currently conducting tests on a new technology that could make hybrids and other vehicles with electric powertrains even more efficient. A trial, which will take one year, will be conducted in Japan and will rate the performance of new power semi-conductors that work with silicon carbide (SiC) material. They will be fitted to a Camry hybrid prototype and a hydrogen fuel cell-powered bus. These conductors can be seen

toyota raises awareness with red noses on its cars' logos

Toyota Raises Awareness with Red Noses on Its Cars' Logos

Reaching £1 million for Comic Relief is the new goal set by Toyota as an official partner of Red Nose Day. Along with this, the automaker “clears up the mystery of the “RND Concept.” It turns out it is not a concept vehicle but a way for the automaker to raise awareness for Red Nose Day. Respectively, t

toyota underscores the trd pro lineup with a new video clip [video]

Toyota Underscores the TRD Pro Lineup with a New Video Clip [VIDEO]

Toyota has unveiled a new promotional clip for their Toyota Racing Development (TRD) Pro lineup. This video provides us with an in-depth overview of the models and their features. The collaborative work between TRD and Toyota engineers made sure that all of the newly-developed and refined components match perfectly the trucks and enhance their off-road capabilities without compromising on quality, reliability and durability. In the video

2015 toyota rav4 is perfect for business people

2015 Toyota RAV4 is Perfect for Business People

The famous SUV family of Toyota has welcomed another member named RAV4 Business Edition. With such specific name, the target customers of the model is pretty much obvious. Arriving with plenty of absolutely reliable, easy to use and high-quality equipment, the newcomer represents an attractive product for a wider group buyers. Power will be distributed by a 2.0-liter D-4D diesel engine, fixed to a six-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive. The average fuel consumption is rated at 4.1 l/100 km (57.

mysterious toyota rnd concept to debut next week

Mysterious Toyota RND Concept to Debut Next Week

Do you know what will happen next week? We just received the news that Toyota will reveal to the world a mysterious new model called RND Concept. Along with the announcement the company also released the first teaser image and some details. What we know so far that the car will debut in the United Kingdom on 26th January, instead of at international motor show. The picture does not say much either, but it hints at how the design of RND will mark a radical shift in company’s direction. Toyota said that the exte

toyota aygo x-wave open top for ultimate driving fun

Toyota Aygo X-Wave Open Top for Ultimate Driving Fun

Are you looking for something that will make driving your Toyota Aygo even more fun than it is now? Well, you better stop searching. Toyota is introducing a new retractable x-wave canvas roof for a classic open-top enjoyment. Launching the x-wave as an additional option on the five-door Toyota Aygo x-pression mo

fear the 2016 toyota tacoma for it is here! [video]

Fear the 2016 Toyota Tacoma for it is here! [VIDEO]

The rival of Nissan Titan is here and it is called 2016 Toyota Tacoma! Of course, many will be on the opinion that both vehicles can’t be compared, but it is fact that they are in the same segment. Let’s see what makes the Tacoma so unique. First of all, it has been entirely rebuilt – inside and out. It features

toyota opens up hydrogen fuel cell patents [video]

Toyota Opens up Hydrogen Fuel Cell Patents [VIDEO]

At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, Toyota announced that it opens “the door to the hydrogen future” by sharing freely more than 5500 hydrogen fuel cell patents. This patent release announcement is very similar to a suggestion made by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk in June, last year. Nevertheless, it is rather i

toyota unveils 2015 harrier elegance g's

Toyota Unveils 2015 Harrier Elegance G's

2015 Toyota Harrier Elegance G's is the next model which has just made an official debut in Japan. Just like the Mark X GRMN, the car will go on sale next month and will be strictly distributed only in this country. The car is based on the Harrier G Sports concept. However, the production model features more athletic design due to its revised grille and chrome accents. The car also received new rear diffuser to make things a little sportier. In addition to this, Toyota has decided to lower the car 35mm closer t

2015 toyota mark x grmn is an expression of pure driving joy

2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN is an Expression of Pure Driving Joy

The sporty 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN was just introduced. The sad news however is that it will be strictly limited to 100 production units and will be only distributed in Japan. Mark X GRMN is an example of a design which is inspired by "pure joy" and "driving enthusiasm". It is built over the Mark X 350S used as a basis model. In fact, this is a “domestic” FR sedan, which adopts six-speed manual transmission and dedicated suspension tuning.

2016 toyota tacoma to get new led running lights?

2016 Toyota Tacoma to get new LED Running Lights?

The second teaser of 2016 Toyota Tacoma is here. We have seen already the back of the truck and now it is time to take a look at its front. The vehicle will be introduced officially at the North American International Auto Show on 12th of January. Probably this is when the full reveal will happen and we are not going t