manhart perfomance - manhart gr 550 based on toyota gr supra

Manhart Perfomance - MANHART GR 550 based on Toyota GR Supra

More than a year has now passed since Toyota, after a long dry spell without a real athlete, revived a real legend in model history: the Supra. For the power specialists at MANHART Performance, the fact that there are BMW engines under the hood of the Toyota sports car was one of the main aspects with which the GR Supra literally suggested a refinement. While the specialists from Wuppertal unveiled an optimized version of the Japanese two-

manhart team presents exclusive upgrade for bmw 8 series!

MANHART team presents exclusive upgrade for BMW 8 Series!

New BMW 8 Series has been on the market for a few weeks, but it has already shocked the world with its premium design and advanced drivetrain system. And something more – tuners around the world have noticed the potential of this bad boy for even higher performance marks and drivetrain refinement. One such team is th

manhart team upgrades a lucky bmw m5 f90 machine

MANHART team upgrades a lucky BMW M5 F90 machine

BMW M5 F90 is a sexy vehicle. There’s no doubt in that. However, German BMW specialists, MANHART Performance decided to take a closer look and present us a better version of the F90. It is called MH5 700 and featres numerous super cool features that are worth the check out! Firstd of all, the MH5 700 is now powered by a 4.4-liter Biturbo V8 unit, already popular from the current X M models. MANHART team has put their exclusive ECU inside and has managed to pump up the output to the outstanding 723hp and 870Nm

manhart team presents the mh4 550: a thunder in red and white!

MANHART team presents the MH4 550: a thunder in red and white!

MANHART Performance has finally made a step forward. As you might remember, the tuning team has already revealed an impressive MH4 550, based on the BMW M4 F82 and now the time is right to showcase its latest project: MH4 550. Taking technology and refinement even further, we do witnes a rather incredible machine. We will get straightforward to the drivetrain system. To be honest, the power unit is not that different from the predecessor m

manhart racing changes the emblematic mini john cooper works into something extraordinary!

Manhart Racing Changes the Emblematic MINI John Cooper Works into Something Extraordinary!

Do you know that this year Manhart Racing is celebrating its 30th anniversary? This only means that we are going to see even more exclusive project from the tuner that we are used to. The current one is based on the latest MINI John Cooper Works F56, which is fitted with MINI F300 personalization package. Power Upgrade The best thing about the F300 upgrade is that it concerns every part of the MINI, including its engine and performance. The tun

meet manhart’s mhx5 700 project based on the x5 m f85

Meet Manhart’s MHX5 700 Project Based on the X5 M F85

This special project called MHX5 700 is based on BMW’s X5 M F85 model. We are definitely satisfied what Manhart Performance has achieved with it and therefore we impatiently wanted to share it with you. Although we have seen even stronger X5s by he same tuning company (visit the link below for more information), thi

manhart mhx5 750 promised to be faster than bmw x5m f85

Manhart MHX5 750 Promised to be Faster than BMW X5M F85

Despite the fact that Manhart Performance are still being very secretive about their upcoming MHX5 750, they have decided to unveil two images of the model just to keep our attention and interest alive. The recently – developed Manhart MHX5 750 is based on the BMW X5M F85 and will be fitted with a stylishly de

manhart racing bmw x4 f26 - 375hp and 740nm

Manhart Racing BMW X4 F26 - 375HP and 740Nm

Manhart Racing has unveiled their tuning package for the all-new BMW X4 xDrive35d. The compact SAC (Sports Activity Coupe) comes with a significant power boost and improved stance. The 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged diesel originally produces – 313HP (230 kW) and 630Nm (465 lb-ft) of torque. The performance package boosts the engine to 375HP (276 kW) and 740Nm (546 lb-ft) of torque, which is exactly the same torque like the three-turbocharged 3.0 liter diesel found in M50d models. 2014 BMW X4 xDrive35d doe