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vorsteiner shows custom huracan verona edizione

Vorsteiner Shows Custom Huracan Verona Edizione

Lamborghini is a company that always excites us. Rarely there is a person in the world that doesn’t like something about the supercars it produces. Even more exciting is when we see a Lambo getting “dressed up” by a tuner known for the high-quality expertise. This is the case with the Huracan here, since it has been given a special touch by the professionals at Vorsteiner. The most important fact about this tuning is that this Lambo received a new goose neck wing. It was made of aluminum and painted in a c

gmg racing releases one-off huracan [video]

GMG Racing Releases One-off Huracan [VIDEO]

GMG Racing is a South California based team which is experienced in the tuning of special European vehicles. Their last project features this awesome Lambo, which, as the tuner say, is a supercar that can be driven everyday. Although there aren’t big modifications here, but only subtle ones, we are sure that this car is worth reviewing, given that it really looks stunning. First, the specialists began with Huracan’s exhaust. They have changed it with in-house made GMG Sport Exhaust, which actually boosts the

vorsteiner’s yellow continental gt is simply gorgeous

Vorsteiner’s Yellow Continental GT is Simply Gorgeous

The tuners at the Texas based Progressive Autosports company helped the Californians from Vorsteiner achieve this exquisite project involving the high speed Bentley Continental. I basically love the second tuner because its projects are simple but at the same time express the maximum of car’s advantages. The same ha

vorsteiner celebrates 10 years with yas marina blue gtrs4 project

Vorsteiner Celebrates 10 Years with Yas Marina Blue GTRS4 Project

Does this BMW look familiar to you? Yes, because it was introduced two weeks ago as a special Vorsteiner project based on the F82 M4. It turns out that this Yas Marina Blue is actually a GTRS4 Anniversary Edition that celebrates tuning company’s 10 years presence on the automotive scene. The intriguing wide body custom kit beautifies the car in such terms that it literally makes in one-off. The first thing to mention here is the unique exte

vorsteiner releases  gts-v package for bmw m6

Vorsteiner Releases GTS-V Package for BMW M6

It is white, it is grandeur, it is based on the M6 series and it is pretty much the latest project presented by Vorsteiner. We were impressed by the visuals of the car as well as the modifications done on it. Although they are not as massive as Mansory’s Bentley GT Race car, they are that harmonious that it feels like the vehicle has always owned them. We all know that the M6 series is currently offered in three variants: cabrio, coupe and Gran Coupe, and the good news is that the tuner’s package is availabl

vorsteiner widens bmw m4 and calls it yas marina blue gtrs4

Vorsteiner Widens BMW M4 and Calls it Yas Marina Blue GTRS4

We haven’t said anything about Vorsteiner for a while, because all we have received recently was beautiful BMWs with new alloys. This time the tuner has taken things a little bit further with the “widened” BMW F82 M4 GTRS4 Yas Marina Blue Project. As you can see from the pictures the accent is again on the wheels, since they come in the contrasting Sakhir Orange. But, what’s left unnoticed at first glance is the widebody program, called G

why vorsteiner bmw f32 435i has more rugged appearance?

Why Vorsteiner BMW F32 435i Has More Rugged Appearance?

The American tuner car manufacturer Vorsteiner is introducing its latest lightweight flow forged alloy technology which is a real treasure when it comes to safety, design, quality and performance. Even though this new technology is approximately 25% lighter compared to a conventional cast construction, it is capabl

vorsteiner releases exclusive photo shoot of audi s5 v-ff 102

Vorsteiner Releases Exclusive Photo Shoot of Audi S5 V-FF 102

Last week we have seen how Vorsteiner has tuned the Porsche 911 Carrera S and the Audi S4. This week the tuners set go beyond this and release the “mini” tuning of Audi S5. Although the tuners have only changed the wheels of this car, it most recent photo shoot is really worth the attention. Of course, you can view it in the gallery below. The current imagery is set to promote Vorsteiner’s new V-FF 102 Flow Forged Wheels. As a matter of

vorsteiner porsche 911 carrera s runs faster with v-ff 101 wheels?

Vorsteiner Porsche 911 Carrera S Runs Faster With V-FF 101 Wheels?

Although the latest Porsche 911 Carrera and Carrera S debuted more than two years ago they are still desired object for customization. This time the responsible for the tuning are the fellows at Vorsteiner – a Californian based tuning company with a rather German name. We see from the beautiful pictures they have sent us, that Porsche’s original blue color is complemented by new wheels in very special color. In this way the car not only looks

vorsteiner flow forged v-ff 102 wheels for audi b8 s4

Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 102 Wheels for Audi B8 S4

If you have a German car, some of the key characteristics which you would like to highlight on the car are: style, reliability and quality. Hence, in order to contribute to the overall appearance of the driving machine, Vorsteiner keeps coming up with original and high-class products. The tuner is known for its

vorsteiner gtrs4 wide body for the bmw m4

Vorsteiner GTRS4 Wide Body for the BMW M4

Vorsteiner always comes with one key goal – to create a design which will really become the quintessential design icon, representing the next-generation ultimate driving machine. The tuning company makes this possible by crafting a cutting-edge design that is so revolutionary and so innovative that succeeds in establishing new benchmarks. BMW has always had a central position in the heart of the tuner. With the new BMW M4 GTRS4 Vorsteiner once again has successfully tried to demonstrate an absolute idol amo

vorsteiner presents the all-new flow forged v-ff 104 wheels

Vorsteiner Presents the All-new Flow Forged V-FF 104 Wheels

Celebrating its 10th anniversary with a debuting BMW GTRS4 vehicle at the Sema Show 2014, Vorsteiner also unveils a great variety of new additions to its lightweight wheel series. Not wasting any time and just a few days after unwrapping its V-FF 101, V-FF 102 and V-FF 103 Flow Forged Wheels, now to our attention