ABT is a famous company, which makes sport packages and performance tuning for VAG. One of their latest creations is ABT Golf 6 GTD. The refinement includes aerodynamics package as well as ECU remap.

The result are just staggering. The small two liter diesel engine now produces 190hp and 390Nm of torque. The power is put on the road through seven-speed gearbox. The classic discipline from stand still to 100km/h is covered in 7.1 seconds and the top speed is 230km/h. Obviously the diesel engines became more and more powerful and besides that they offer great performance at low price. The fuel consumption remains at the low level of the series version of the engine.

The aerodynamics package includes: front spoiler, front grille, side sills, rear spoiler, rear apron set and the typical ABT 4-pipe rear muffler. ABT Golf VI GTD is also equipped with huge AR and BR wheels in 18 and 19 inch. Last but not least, the hot hatchback has ABT suspension springs kit to improve the road stability and handling. Of course the comfort suffers a little because of the stiffness and the lower body, but nothing really can compare with going in corners in high speeds.

It is difficult to choose between diesel and petrol engines, anymore. As you can see the power offered by 2.0 liter TDI is practically the same as the 2.0TFSI engine. Of course the diesel wont have the sound and the high revs of petrol, but petrol wont have the little fuel consumption of diesel.

Something is for sure, there is no doubt that the diesel can offer you real sport experience behind the steering wheel and especially in ABT Golf VI GTD.

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ABT Golf VI GTD Specifications:

ABT Engine Technology

  • Engine: 2.0 TDI, 1968 ccm cubic capacity
  • Performance tuning: ABT POWER
  • Performance: 190 HP/140 kW (standard: 140 HP/103 kW)

ABT Aerodynamics kit

  • ABT front grille
  • ABT front skirt
  • ABT side skirts
  • ABT rear skirt
  • ABT rear wing

ABT Whell Technology

  • ABT AR and BR; 18 und 19 inch;
  • Available also as complete set of wheels with sports tyres.

ABT Exhaust Technology

  • ABT 4-pipe rear muffler


  • ABT suspension springs, lowering the centre of gravity by approx. 30 mm


  • Consisting of front grille, front skirt, side skirts, rear skirt, rear wing, 4-pipe rear muffler, suspension springs and the AR 18 wheel set with tyres 225/40 R18.