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infiniti announces details about new concept vehicle

INFINITI announces details about new concept vehicle

INFINITI team is ready to unveil its new QX Inspiration concept electric vehicle at the 2019 North American International Auto Show this month. Representing brand’s plans for high-performance electrified machine with wide range of standard features and refined drivetrain system. The development of the new QX Inspi

infiniti qx80 receives neat facelift from larte design

Infiniti QX80 receives neat facelift from LARTE Design

Infiniti has revealed a revised version of the new QX80 not so long ago and the result is simply stunning: the vehicle adopts everything that is necessary to make a SUV leap into the premium segment. However, LARTE Design team decided to take a closer look at the luxury car and make some changes and additions on its ow

infiniti qx80 is the winner at the nempa show!

INFINITI QX80 is the winner at the NEMPA show!

INFINITI QX80 is named 2018 Best in Class in Full-Size SUV category by the prestigious New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA). The vehicle was chosen for its premium interior features, comfortable atmosphere and of course, the new 5.6-liter V8 power unit that offers power and refined driving experience. What NEMPA jury was looking for is a vehicle that offers combination of winter-specific features and utilities, along with dynamic qualities of the drivetrain system and safety additions. As you might know,

infiniti presents limited models at the new york show pt.2

Infiniti presents limited models at the New York Show pt.2

As you might have remembered from part 1 of this review, we are looking what is happening in the INFINITI camp at the New York show. By far we have revealed the new QX60 LIMITED and we are quite happy with the final result. And now it is time to check out the bigger one – QX80 LIMITED. Exterior and interior styling

infiniti presents limited models at the new york show pt.1

Infiniti presents limited models at the New York Show pt.1

INIFINITI team is about to unveil two exclusive models: 2019 INFINITI QX60 LIMITED and 2019 INFINITI QX80 LIMITED. These sweethearts will be showcased at the New York International Auto Show and would showcase how INFINITI team has managed to maintain its positions as one of the leading manufacturers in the segment. So

infiniti presents qx90 crossover: here's what impressed us!

Infiniti presents QX90 Crossover: here's what impressed us!

2019 Infiniti QX50 has just made its debut and it has already taken some serious prizes home. And there is fine reason for this: the luxury crossover is packed with tons of functional and handy features. And it is super sexy. So, let’s find out more and see what made this vehicle stand out from the crowd, shall we?

infiniti takes honorable prize home. details here!

INFINITI takes honorable prize home. Details here!

INFINITI’s VC-Turbo variable compression power unit gets Grand Austrian Automobile Award in the category “Environment” given by Automobile, Motor and Bicycle Association of Austria (ARBÖ). Honored for setting new standards and new benchmark in the field of efficiency and technology, INFINITI was also recognized

larte design presents a new hot hatch! check this infiniti qx30 out!

LARTE Design presents a new hot hatch! Check this Infiniti QX30 out!

Since 2008 the R36 has remained as one of the best Passat models in the whole lineup. And there is a reason behind that: the vehicle offers all-wheel-drive, 3.6-liter power unit that produces a total of 300hp (223kW) and overall great sporty appearance. But Sportfahrwerke team decided to tweak the vehicle a bit and now offers sweet ap coilover kit that is exclusive for the vehicle. Something more, the kit is available only with the all-wheel-driv

infiniti reveals latest q60's utility features ahead of car's official debut. check 'em out!

Infiniti reveals latest Q60's utility features ahead of car's official debut. Check 'em out!

Infiniti team announces some more details for the latest InTouch services that will be available with the latest Q60 sports coupe. Soon available on the European market, the new infotainment goodie will not only try to ensure the leading positions of the brand, but will also make everything possible to reach new heights in terms of functionality and comfort. In recent future we will be taking much about vehicle’s performance rates and capabilit

infiniti shows vc-t system this september. should we be hyped?

INFINITI shows VC-T system this September. Should we be hyped?

INFINITI team will try to tweak the world of inner combustion engines INFINITI team will presents the Variable Compression-Turbocharged power unit at the 2016 Paris Motor Show on September 29. What is interesting about this thing is that the engineering team claims that there have been decades of researches and experiments before finally get satisfying results. Incredible, right? The VC-T technology is expected to mark a new chapter in th

a reward for inifiniti's passionate team: check it out!

A reward for INIFINITI's passionate team: check it out!

INFINITI USA proudly announces that the 2017 INFINITI QX60 Premium crossover has received a 5-star overall safety ration from NHTSA's New Car Assessment Program testing. Just like its older brother, the new generation of premium vehicles does not satisfy itself with only good looks or some trendy hi-tech gadgets. As

what happens when you give infiniti qx80 the missuro tuning pack? the result is unexpected [w/video]

What happens when you give Infiniti QX80 the Missuro tuning pack? The result is unexpected [w/video]

If you have an Infiniti QX80 and you think you need an individual touch, the Missuro tuning pack by Larte Design is probably the best choice to make. After applying it, the results are unexpectedly good and in fact the car looks amazing and very stylish. Another interesting detail is that the QX80 Missuro made huge furor at the Russian Podolsk, and it is currently making noise at the Moscow Tuning Show. So if you are in the vicinity you can see i