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jaguar enthusiasts gather for a prestigious event

Jaguar enthusiasts gather for a prestigious event

There are hundreds of Jaguar machines that are joining the Simply Jaguar event on 8th of July. There is a special event that would honor the Jaguar sport and saloon vehicles of all ages. Recurring for third year, the event will take place near the National Motor Museum and as always, there is a large number of visitors

jaguar reveals the i-type 3 ahead of its global debut

Jaguar reveals the I-TYPE 3 ahead of its global debut

Panasonic Jaguar Racing has unveiled the concept livery for the incredible Jaguar I-TYPE 3. This is the Gen 2 race car that would compete in season five at the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. Marking one more historic moment for the manufacturer, the British team continues its mission for innovation and refinement.

jaguar f-pace svr showcases refinement and agility. it is worth the check out!

Jaguar F-PACE SVR showcases refinement and agility. It is worth the check out!

The F-PACE lineup, awarded with numerous prestigious awards, expands the family members with a new model. In Jaguar’s own words, this is by far the most powerful and agile unit they have produced. And given that it is shaped by Special Vehicle Operations team, we tend to believe the team. In terms of styling, we do see a rather convincing version of the F-PACE machine. It is muscular, confident and elegant. Surely, Jaguar team hasn’t disap

project 8: jaguar remains the king on the track

Project 8: Jaguar remains the king on the track

We haven’t revealed a good stock machine for a long time, haven’t we? It was about time this changed. And here’s the perfect moment: Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) has unveiled the super sexy and super powerful Jaguar XE SV Project 8 Sedan. Definitely an appealing machine, this bad boy has a lot to demonstrate: embracing all the achievements and improvements that the 2014 F-TYPE Project 7 has demonstrated, this latest addition to the family has even more goodies to show. So, let’s was

hamman's monster is still receiving applause. here's why!

Hamman's monster is still receiving applause. Here's why!

There is a fine reason why we all like Jaguar vehicles: the vintage ones and the modern-day masterpieces. For quite a long time now the British manufacturer has stood as a symbol of dedication, passion and precision. The image of the brand has ever since changed its shape and in these days it can be seen as a super-coo

jaguar team proudly presents a recreated replica to a legendary 1950's legend

Jaguar team proudly presents a recreated replica to a legendary 1950's legend

Back in the day Jaguar XKSS has kicked some serious butt. Definitely it was a piece of a beauty at the time it was unveiled sixty years ago, but we have to admit that this is still one incredibly elegant and appealing vehicle. But as it looks like, it is not enough for the whole Jaguar team: they have decided to revive the old classic and create nine exclusive automobiles that completely resemble the original eye candy. In fact, as you might k

improved jaguar f-pace 20d shows growth in horse-power capability 

Improved Jaguar F-Pace 20d shows growth in horse-power capability 

CPA Performance studio is responsible for the power tuning Jaguar F-Pace is a daring crossover, which has stance, charms and luxuries inside and out. It is kind of unimaginable that such perfectly built vehicle might be subjugated to any sort of tuning. However, specialists that are brave enough to take such a tough task, do this regularly. In the case of this F-Pace 20d full responsibility for the power uprating take the experts at CPA Perfor

a 1973 jaguar f-type vehicle with exciting story is offered on sale at the silverstone auctions!

A 1973 Jaguar F-Type vehicle with exciting story is offered on sale at the Silverstone Auctions!

A special Jaguar E-Type that starred in BBC's Only Fools and Horses, will be offered for sale at Silverstone Auction's Salon Privé Sale on 3rd of September at the Blenheim Palace. This unique 1973 Series III Roadster was delivered untouched to Henlys of London back on 11th October 1973 and was quickly purchased by its first and only owner, a successful Swansea businessman, who has relished a fine drive along the Welsh Riviera with top down fo

single malt jaguar xj by vilner is infused with aristocratism and individuality

Single malt Jaguar XJ by Vilner is infused with aristocratism and individuality

Vilner makes substantial interior changes to the 2005 Jaguar XJ This Jaguar XJ by Vilner has rather strange nick name, “single malt”, which as many of you might now is a type of alcohol. But there is a good reason for that, and it is the aristocratic club atmosphere of this XJ. If it is true that the car actually resembles the owner, then the driver of this Jag XJ has high noble traits. But could a car, an object, really say something

jaguar land rover showcases a rather special system. check it out!

Jaguar Land Rover showcases a rather special system. Check it out!

Jaguar Land Rover shows a range of some badass technologies that will aid future self-driven vehicles through any surface and terrain. It is a multi-million dollar research project that aims to make the autonomous driving as flexible and as confident as possible. And in order to enable this next-gen of technology, Jaguar Land Rover team has developed some sweet technologies: there are some sensors, surface identification tweak and a 3D path se

a legendary jaguar e-type has returned to us! check the story here!

A legendary Jaguar E-Type has returned to us! Check the story here!

A missing Jaguar E-Type vehicle, considered to be one of the most sought-after early examples of the model has been discovered in the depths of Scotland. It will be offered at auction by Silverstone Auctions at the Silverstone Classic on the 30th and 31st of July. This 1961 Series 1 Roadster, Chassis #62 has a rather interesting story. It is one of the first 92 hand-crafted models and had mysteriously disappeared at a certain time. Historians

jaguar revives nine mythical vintage vehicles! check them out!

Jaguar revives nine mythical vintage vehicles! Check them out!

Jaguar Classic announced that the Jaguar XKSS will make its global debut in November this year in California, North America. We believe that this will happen at the Los Angeles Auto Show. This ultra-exclusive lineup consists only 9 units that are hand-crafted by Jaguar Classic experts and all of them were produced in the same way and with the exact same specifications as the original vehicles from 1957. Cool. As you might know, XKSS is