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the magnificent is yet to come: vilner showcases a sexy teaser! [video]

The Magnificent is Yet to Come: Vilner Showcases a Sexy Teaser! [VIDEO]

Vilner team does not stop to impress us. Even the teasers and the announcements drive us crazy! Definitely one of the most prominent, if not the most prominent Bulgarian tuner, the team showcases a bit of the upcoming tuning project: a special SMART vehicle that has first undergone a comprehensive tuning program by BRABUS and then Vilner team decided to build on that already impressive base. There is a single video that demonstrates what the p

b&b team shows off with a monstrous mini cooper! check it out!

B&B team shows off with a monstrous MINI Cooper! Check it out!

As it seems, B&B Performance team is somehow attracted to gearing ridiculous amounts of power in relatively small packages: we have seen he 300hp VW Lupo RS, the 385hp Audi S1 and the 400hp VW Polo VR6 Turbo. But there was still something missing. Indeed, we are talking about a MINI vehicle that has undergone a comprehensive tuning program and now can proudly stay next to its brothers as a small machine with tons of power. The lucky MINI i

sporty and passionate: 2017 mini clubman is revealed!

Sporty and passionate: 2017 MINI Clubman is revealed!

MINI USA has revealed the latest family member: the new 2017 John Cooper Works Clubman. Inspired by the motorsport and rally thrills, the sweetie offers new turbocharged power unit, latest generation of drivetrain system improvements and these sweet visuals. So, let’s check it out! Exterior styling As it comes

brabus and mini: a rather pleasurable combination

BRABUS and MINI: a rather pleasurable combination

BRABUS strikes back with two new sporty packs for the fortwo coupe and cabrio SMART models. Available for moderately low price, the BRABUS Sport Package grants customers with numerous customization features and some neat exclusive tweaks. So, without further due, let's see what is going on here! The packs are availa

aeb system: is it that popular and important as they want us to see it?

AEB system: is it that popular and important as they want us to see it?

New car sales researches revealed what majority of people prefer when it comes to buying a new vehicle. Analyzed by independent researchers, results show that buyers mainly prefer cars with more safety features, but for some reason not everyone is into the Autonomous Emergency Braking. Interesting. However, good thing is to know that people are heading towards safety, instead of some overall useless hi-tech tweaks, right? However, results show

2016 mini cooper works challenge: a menacing beast or a sweet wanna-be?

2016 MINI Cooper Works Challenge: a menacing beast or a sweet wanna-be?

MINI Cooper John Cooper Works Challenge comes with tons of ambition to set new benchmark to the track-oriented segment. It also tries to be impeccable on the road without sacrificing comfort and smoothness of a traditional city car. So, let's see what this sweetie has to offer. The vehicle was created by small team at MINI Plant Oxford in UK in partnership with some race suppliers and engineers. Indeed they added the grippy Michelin Pilot Spor

are you ready for the mini challenge? bilstein is!

Are you ready for the MINI Challenge? Bilstein is!

It is not a secret (but maybe a surprise) that the MINI models, especially from the John Cooper Works heritage are a motorsport talent. And this has been proven in history many times. In fact, with the landmark win at the legendary Rally Monte Carlo in 1964, the little car has shut the mouths of those unbelieving in it

why this mini john cooper works has nothing to do with a regular one?

Why this MINI John Cooper Works has nothing to do with a regular one?

This MINI John Cooper Works with a regular one because of many reasons, but if we have to sum them up, it all ends at the work of the German tuning specialists at B&B. To make things a little bit clearer, they have developed a several stage modifications which results in fantastic addition of output for the MINI. And to be even more precise, the stock horses of the car jumped from 231 hp to 300 hp, while the Newton meters – from 320 Nm to 4

2017 seven special edition: mini's response to contemporary drivers

2017 Seven Special Edition: MINI's response to contemporary drivers

MINI USA introduces the MINI Seven, the first special edition of the latest MINI generation that presents a wonderful combination of brand's well-known features and some contemporary progressive features. Along with the exclusive interior and exterior design, the vehicle includes overall extrovert appeal and tons of utility features. 2017 MINI Seven Special Edition will be available in Cooper and Cooper S variants. With front-wheel drive, engi

two fresh models will join the mini family at the new york auto show

Two Fresh Models Will Join the MINI Family at the New York Auto Show

MINI USA will premiere two new vehicles at the New York International Auto Show: the fresh MINI Clubman ALL4 and the MINI John Cooper Works Convertible. With AWD drive and boosted power, the ALL4 is ready for any road challenge, while the beautiful Convertible is by far the fastest and most powerful open-top vehicle, created by MINI. Refined drivetrain system In addition to the AWD drive system, ALL4 also benefits from fine-tuned traction,

manhart racing changes the emblematic mini john cooper works into something extraordinary!

Manhart Racing Changes the Emblematic MINI John Cooper Works into Something Extraordinary!

Do you know that this year Manhart Racing is celebrating its 30th anniversary? This only means that we are going to see even more exclusive project from the tuner that we are used to. The current one is based on the latest MINI John Cooper Works F56, which is fitted with MINI F300 personalization package. Power Upgrade The best thing about the F300 upgrade is that it concerns every part of the MINI, including its engine and performance. The tun

the new mini one d clubman: what to expect?

The New Mini One D Clubman: What to Expect?

After the success of the MINI Clubman, launched in October 2015, the well-known brand decides to present to the world the new MINI One D Clubman. Retaining the specifications for the whole Clubman range, including MINI Navigation, DAB, Bluetooth, Cruise control and MINI Connected, the new sweetie will also offer improved driving experience and further enhanced fuel economy, measured at 99g/km CO2 on the combined cycle. But still we wonder what is so special about this one. Let's check out! Featuring ne