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mini open 150 edition celebrates the exclusivity of the convertible kind

MINI Open 150 Edition Celebrates the Exclusivity of the Convertible Kind

MINI Open 150 Edition is limited and so exclusive that it will be produced only in 150 units specifically intended for the UK market. The special edition car is based on the MINI Cooper S convertible and celebrates the actual launch of the latter. Unique about this limited edition MINI is the wide range of standard equipment as well as the exclusive interior it sports. Speaking of the cabin, it is wrapped in Leather Chester Malt Brown upholste

vilner creates the most eccentric mini one cabrio in the universe

Vilner Creates the Most Eccentric MINI One Cabrio in the Universe

This is one of the craziest, most adorable and coolest interiors I have ever seen! And I have seen many. Under the exquisite work done here stands the name of Vilner, which has recently opened a studio in China. By the way, this is the first official project of the Beijing Studio they have decided to show to the general public. As Vilner says, this is literally “the most eccentric MINI One Cabrio in the Universe”. The project was commissio

mini releases 250 units of the countryman special edition

MINI Releases 250 Units of the Countryman Special Edition

MINI has launched a limited edition of the Countryman, specifically dedicated to the customers in the UK. The Special Edition has been developed in order to give people the chance for more exclusivity in this bigger type of MINI model. It is of course instantly recognizable via its unique styling features. Follow me to

maxi-tuner offers special upgrade for 2016 clubman s

Maxi-Tuner Offers Special Upgrade for 2016 Clubman S

As we all know, the latest Clubman model took MINI brand to whole new level. The vehicle has a lot to offer, a lot to demonstrate and a lot to give to customers and fans. But the fun does not stop here. Mini experts from Maxi-Tuner have just demonstrated the MaxPower-performance upgrade program for the Cooper S Clubman

essen motor show welcomes the stronger mini jcw by ac schnitzer [video]

Essen Motor Show Welcomes the Stronger MINI JCW by AC Schnitzer [VIDEO]

AC Schnitzer has just sent us some information about the two MINIs it is currently presenting at the Essen Motor Show in Germany. Both are stylish and versatile and are a basically focused on performance. The models I am talking about are the MINI Cooper S and the John Cooper Works, both having very strong engines and sporting characteristics. Performance Upgrades and More... For both MINI variants, the tuning company is offering performance up

art studio vilner officially opens doors in beijing

Art Studio Vilner Officially Opens Doors in Beijing

We have exciting and extremely exclusive news for everyone who is keen on masterful customization. Vilner is expanding its presence around the world with the opening of the first official representative studio in Beijing, China! The tuner just sent us the information and images of the opening ceremony and we couldn’t

mini announces details for the 2016 clubman

MINI Announces Details for the 2016 Clubman

MINI USA announced details for the latest 2016 MINI Clubman. This is by far the most spacious and versatile MINI and it is the first MINI to enter the compact premium segment. This model is both longer and wider than its predecessors and offers premium quality components and exceptional craftsmanship. And like every MINI vehicle, this sweetie will be offered with special bundle packages. This means that customers can decide for which features they will pay. And this has one more positive side: buyers won't be fo

2016 mini clubman will demonstrate style, dynamics and comfort at fiaa

2016 MINI Clubman Will Demonstrate Style, Dynamics and Comfort at FIAA

The sweet MINI Clubman with four doors, five seats and spacious interior is one of these vehicles that bring back style and exclusivity on the road. And now this exclusivity is continued with the latest Clubmaster which is longer with 27 centimeters and is with 9 centimeters wider than the MINI 5 door model. Its luggage volume is further extended to 1,250 liters and the vehicle offers and highest levels of comfort and safety. And for increased

mini countryman cooper d all4 business edition is what every fleet customer needs

MINI Countryman Cooper D ALL4 Business Edition is What Every Fleet Customer Needs

MINI Countryman Cooper D ALL4 Business has just been introduced specifically for fleet customers. It adds a lot of equipment as a standard, which broadens its appeal significantly. In addition, the new business edition of the Countryman will give corporate customers the opportunity to ride on a genuine MINI ALL4, company’s new all-wheel drive. Speaking of which, the ALL4 is known for its perfect traction and fast reactions. It is so good tha

does ok-chiptuning mini john cooper works have a winning formula?

Does OK-Chiptuning MINI John Cooper Works Have a Winning Formula?

OK-Chiptuning MINI John Cooper Works R56 is not a car we see everyday. First of all, it is because tuners rarely prefer to do modifications on ‘minis’ like the JCW. And secondly because the custom work here is so good, that one might think that this car will go immediately on the race track. And of course win all competitions. And here it is why we find this vehicle that attractive, excluding one little detail. Exterior Before indulging in

mini clubman s and mac audio system. musical fairytale or wolf in sheep's clothing?

Mini Clubman S and Mac Audio System. Musical Fairytale or Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

Mini Clubman S received a special attention by Mac Audio team. As you know, the boys of Mac Audio are the masters, when it comes to audio systems: it doesn't matter, if you want to upgrade with larger speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers or anything else, the right place for you is the Mac Audio office. And now the Mini Clubman S comes with numerous upgrades and tweaks, that only the Mac Audio guys can install on a vehicle. And with all the compon

maxi-tuner mini john cooper works is 260hp and 390nm strong!

Maxi-Tuner MINI John Cooper Works is 260HP and 390NM Strong!

Maxi-Tuner MINI John Cooper Works is literally a supermini. It stands out with new exterior appearance and more power than ever. Based on the most powerful production MINI, the F56, this modified JCW has added numerous visual and performance upgrades. The package comprises of ‘MaxPower’ and ‘MaxSound’ kits and other additions to the exterior… but let’s see what has really happened here. Exterior The appearance of the Maxi-Tuner MINI