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vilner’s latest suzuki intruder is the highest possible form of art

Vilner’s latest Suzuki Intruder is the highest possible form of art

The machine is an expression of the unique style of Vilner We rarely write about bikes, don’t we? But when we do, it must be something spectacular. Like this Suzuki Intruder, which is Vilner’s latest creation... and work of art. Literally. One literally falls in love with it at first glance and there’s no reason to explain why. You need to just take a look at it. Now let me tell you more about this fascinating project. The here-pres

beautiful, powerful and versatile, the new 2016 suzuki balento is coming our way!

Beautiful, powerful and versatile, the new 2016 Suzuki Balento is coming our way!

Suzuki is brand, well known for its specialization in small vehicles. And now the team shows it one more time with the unveiling of the new Baleno hatchback. The model lineup has launched in 1955 and since then Suzuki has been upgrading and refining it in order to meet all needs of the customers. The latest model is a bit larger than the Swift and is the more rational choice for buyers who seek for more interior space and boot capacity. Also,

suzuki to unveil baleno at the geneva motor show

Suzuki to Unveil Baleno at the Geneva Motor Show

The full production model of the recently showcased Baleno will be displayed at the Geneva Show from March 1st and it is expected that it will be available for order later in June this year. As you may know, since manufacturing their first vehicle back in 1955, the Suzulight, Suzuki has showed the world numerous varieties of compact vehicles with ever-increasing capabilities and functions. And now the Baleno, benefiting from brand's decades of experience offers elegant and notable design, spacious and cozy inter

2016 suzuki swift sz-l special edition is here!

2016 Suzuki Swift SZ-L Special Edition is here!

Following the success of the 2015 Swift model that contributed to brand's 21 per cent increase in sales, Suzuki now reveals the Special Edition SZ-L that will be available with three or five doors. Based on the well-known SZ3, the Special Edition will also include seven airbags, ESP, air conditioning, USB port, Bluetooth and LED daytime running lights, special exterior design and glossy 16-inch alloys. And standard features for the SZ-L will be the satellite navigation, DAB Radio, cruise control, sporty steer

2016 suzuki vitara s comes with sporty features and tons of improvements

2016 Suzuki Vitara S Comes With Sporty Features and Tons of Improvements

Only eight months after the successful launch of the new Vitara, Suzuki demonstrates the S model. This sweetie will enhance the Vitara lineup with more sportier spirit and some interesting additions. It looks like Suzuki not only continues to deliver high-quality vehicles, but also tries to go above its achievements. The new S model comes with visual changes that make it stand out from the other models in the lineup. The standard equipment is

frankfurt motor show meets suzuki baleno

Frankfurt Motor Show Meets Suzuki Baleno

Suzuki Baleno in its next generation form will be introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) on 15th of September. Suzuki says that this is its “ideal compact hatchback”, which has the intention of raising the bar for the other cars in its class. Three images have been released so far and they are showing what to expect in Frankfurt. First, we see that the new Baleno has an elegant and very powerful design. Although it is a compact hatch, we also wish to see a spacious cabin and enough room for the luggage

suzuki celerio is now available with additiona gadgets

Suzuki Celerio Is Now Available WIth Additiona Gadgets

The Celerio, Suzuki's latest compact city car is on sale in UK since February and has sold more than 2,000 units until now.  And now Suzuki brand introduces two more tweaks, that will be part of the Celerio lineup.  The technologies will be named Dualjet and Auto Gear Shift. Let's see what do they offer. The Dualj

how safe is the safest suzuki vitara suv?

How Safe is the Safest Suzuki Vitara SUV?

The Latest Suzuki Vitara SUV is rater one of  Europe's safest vehicles, as it received the highest 5-star rating from the European NCAP. But the Vitara is also recieved 5-star ratings in the 2015 Euro NCAP for additional safety features and safety system. By far, this is really one of the safest Suzuki vehicles on the market. The Vitara's systems are especially developed to react to potentially dangerous situations. The systems have some really wonderful response time and excellent features. One of the best ext

2015 suzuki vitara priced at £21,299. is it worth it?

2015 Suzuki Vitara Priced at £21,299. Is it Worth it?

Suzuki Vitara is back and this time it brings smaller proportions, new appearance and a magnified feeling of good driving dynamics. Ever since its introduction back in 1988, the series has been acknowledged as one of the most compact and convenient SUVs with an eye-catching design and satisfying on- and off-road ca

suzuki teases its im-4 and ik-2 concept cars

Suzuki Teases its iM-4 and iK-2 Concept Cars

Suzuki is going to take the wraps off of two new concept cars during the Geneva Motor Show next month. The release of the first teaser pictures for the iK-2 and iM-4 concepts marks the beginning of the bright future of the new icons which are already confirmed for production. Starting with the iK-2, Suzuki points out that this model is “an ideal compact sized car, developed with an innovative theme of Harmonized Force.” According to the Japanese automaker, the new car will catapult the values of compact

pricing and specifications for the new calerio

Pricing and Specifications for the New Calerio

The all-new global compact Suzuki Calerio is going on sale in the UK from February the upcoming year. Its starting price is set to be the modest sum of just £7,999 for the SZ3 model and £8,999 for the SZ4. CO2 emissions of the Calerio are as low as 99g/km and 65.7mpg on the EC combined cycle. The vehicle is powerted by 1.0-litre three cylinder 68PS engine. Nevertheless, a new engine will be available next summer and it will be offering higher combined fuel economy of 78.4 mpg and CO2 emissions that dro

suzuki exhibits c segment sedan alivio in china

Suzuki Exhibits C segment Sedan ALIVIO in China

Suzuki’s presence at the 12th Guangzhou International Motor Show in China was celebrated with the introduction of a C segment sedan called ALIVIO. Its Chinese name is “Qi Yue”. The car is set to debut on the market scene from December this year, and it is specifically intended for Asian’s country. ALIVIO is a production model based on the concept carrying the same name. The latter was exhibited at the 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition this April. Suzuki revealed that the car was specifically