facelifted: rieger bmw 1er coupe

Facelifted: Rieger BMW 1er Coupe

Rieger BMW 1er Coupe has new looks and the responsibility for this is only attributed to the German tuning company Rieger. The team developed an aerodynamic bodykit with a powerful upgrade for the already sporty bavarian. Originally, the BMW model generates 326PS (240 kW) from its 3.0 liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine. The power unit is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. But going straight to the point, the Rieger bodykit consist on a front bumper with splitter, side skirts and

audi a5 facelift by rieger

Audi A5 Facelift by RIEGER

Rieger are back to tackle the new Audi A5. They had to come up with new body panels that would fit properly on the now facelifted coupe 5-door fastback. Not only that but some new wheels have been added to the formula, a new suspension and an RS5-ish exhaust system. We start off with a Rieger front bumper, a couple of side skirts and a rear skirt-extension. You can have that last one in a carbon fiber look if you like. The same is true for the spoiler. The overall body kit gives that much sou

2012 rieger opel corsa d

2012 Rieger Opel Corsa D

The German based auto-design and tuning company named Riger has just launched a new project. The work of the professionals was on an Opel Corsa, which now, after the modification, looks outstanding! To be more precise 2012 Rieger Opel Corsa D has received a new bodykit. It gives the vehicle the following equipment: spoiler lip, spoiler splitter, side skirts and a rear skirt extension. What is specific here is that all parts are produced in ABS plastic. The spoiler splitter, the side skirts a

rieger makeover for audi tt

RIEGER makeover for Audi TT

German auto-design and tuning house RIEGER is preparing for its 25th anniversary next year so we decided it is worth gaining a bit of insight on their works. In the beginning it was only a man named Tony Rieger and his garage. 25 years later Rieger Tuning is a corporation with more than 40 employees. It's main focus is production of body accessories and aerodynamic parts for cars from the European market. And now they have an abundant array of body parts for your Audi TT S-line. The front