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vilner teases an exceptional project dubbed bmw stormtrooper

Vilner Teases an Exceptional Project Dubbed BMW Stormtrooper

Are you a fan of Star Wars movie series just like us? Well if the answer is positive than you will definitely greatly enjoy the latest project of the tuning specialists at Art Studio Vilner. And we are sure that this car will also appeal to those who aren’t familiar with the film saga. The customizing specialists have just sent us three exceptional photos of their BMW Stormtrooper. They have also disclosed that the official full reveal of the v

vilner exclusively shows customized bmw Е92 М3

Vilner Exclusively Shows Customized BMW Е92 М3

After a long summer holiday Vilner is entering the new season stronger than ever! The luxury tuning studio has recently revealed the customized Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent and now is ready to show the exclusive and stylish Vilner BMW E92 M3. The car used as a basis is the last two-door M3 model, which after a short but intense stay at the design studio, has left it more beautiful than ever. In Interlagos blue color scheme and the recent and almost obligatory for the last M3 coupes carbon ceiling, this ca

alfa romeo brera italia independent by vilner

Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent by Vilner

Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent by Vilner is not just a car but a special project that needs attention. The Brera is one of the most beautiful machines that Alfa Romeo has ever created. It has brilliant shapes and features capricious but at the same time rewarding Italian engineering. This coupe has been designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, but at the same time it was also customized by the designers of Italia Independent, who made it even more beautiful. An interesting fact is that this car is named after an are

hummer h2 by vilner is perfect for the summer

Hummer H2 By Vilner Is Perfect For The Summer

Hummer H2 has been restyled by the luxury tuning specialists at Vilner. They have given almost full treatment to the entire interior, ranging from the seats, to the dashboard, steering wheel and doors, as well as the ceiling. As a consequence, the dull grey interior color gave way to the contrast combination of black and yellow leathers, including nappa, shagreen and Alcantara. As you can see, the decoration inside is achieved by contrasting yellow stitching and embroidery in the same color. The main theme of th

mercedes-benz e55 amg 4matic by vilner

Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG 4Matic By Vilner

Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG 4Matic by Vilner is truly unique. And here is why. Around 10 million of the luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles are E-Class. Million and a half of the produced E-Class vehicles have chassis number W210, of which several thousand are the sporty AMG versions. Only 12 thousand of them are E55 AMGs, which are powered by the huge V8 engine. In turn, of these just 653 units were produced in 2001. And there are only 8 of them, which are 4Matic, made by individual order. At last, there i

alfa romeo mito refined by vilner

Alfa Romeo Mito Refined By Vilner

The tuning experts at Vilner have prepared for us today an exclusive project which has captured our hearts and minds. Alfa Romeo Mito is called by the designers “hooligan”. Of course - metaphorically. Besides the exclusive pictures, which you are first to see, they have also disclosed information of how the restyling process went. Originally, the Alfa Romeo Mito is powered by 1368 cubic meters 1.4 Turbo engine that is capable of generating 155 horsepower (114kW) and 230 Nm (170 lb-ft) of

jeep wrangler sahara restyled by vilner

Jeep Wrangler Sahara Restyled By Vilner

Vilner Jeep Wrangler Sahara is the new proposal from Art Studio Vilner for the New Year. The talented Bulgarian tuners have made this Wrangler look even better – more luxurious and cozy. Inside, the Jeep is a true masterpiece. The designers have decided to give the vehicle an interior in two colors – black and red. As materials they have used leather and Alcantara. The originally white ceiling has been painted in black, while the plastic elements on the doors, steering wheel and the air outlets on the dashbo

vilner transforms bmw 750 v12

Vilner Transforms BMW 750 V12

BMW 750 V12 is undoubtedly emblematic! With its V12 engine it was introduced back in 1987 when it changed the conception of how things in the automotive industry should be. Now, this BMW model is ready to be introduced for the second time thanks to Art Studio Vilner’s exceptional work. Although the exterior has been kept almost intact, Vilner BMW 750 V12 is a car we must review! The goal of the tuners was to keep the original and classic view of the car, but at the same time to revive it.

exclusive: vilner reveals the bullshark

EXCLUSIVE: Vilner Reveals the Bullshark

The latest artwork of the Bulgarian luxury tuning company Vilner – BMW Bullshark, has been exclusively unveiled and again the readers of are the first to see it and read about it. The name of the project comes from the English name for the species Bull shark. The goal of the tuners was to bring back part of the forms of the sea predator, which are typical for the older models, and to weave them harmoniously with the future in the way they see it. They have succeeded to

teaser: bmw bullshark by vilner [video]

TEASER: BMW Bullshark by Vilner [VIDEO]

The best project of the Bulgarian luxury tuning company Vilner has just been teased via an exclusive video which you can watch below. This time the creative tuners have decided to entirely transform BMW 6 Series (E63). Since we are familiar with their craftsmanship and talent, and have seen the unique transformation of Bentley Continental GT, we are undoubtedly expecting to see one of the most exquisite tunings ever made. In this project Vilner was inspired by one of the greatest predators on

vilner transforms 1976 chevrolet corvette stingray c3

Vilner Transforms 1976 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C3

Art design Studio Vilner, known as the “Atelier of unlimited possibilities”, has just shared with us its latest project. A classical 1976 Chevrolet Corvette has received fine makeover, which refreshes the forms of the legendary Stingray C3 and at the same time keeps the classic lines of the U.S. muscle car. In o

suzuki b king by art studio vilner

Suzuki B King by Art Studio Vilner

We have seen so far that the professionals at the Bulgarian luxury tuning company Vilner are not only experienced in the entire transformation of automobiles, but also in giving motorbikes new and extremely exquisite look. Today, they are exclusively revealing to the readers of their new project. Under the spotlight is the Suzuki B King which was manufactured back in 2007. It utilizes a 1,340 cc engine, which is capable of producing 181 horsepower (135 kW) at 9500 rpm an