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vilner revives mitsubishi pajero

Vilner Revives Mitsubishi Pajero

Art Studio Vilner has given a new and more luxurious life to the old and plain Mitsubishi Pajero. The professionals have broken the myth that this Mitsubishi can not look luxurious. The story of this project began when a few months ago a client who lived in Denmark and who was delighted by the tuning company’s projects came to the designer’s studio with a big plea: to breathe a new life to the sentimental for him Mitsubishi Pajero. And not just any life, but one which is luxurious and imp

design triumph: vilner ducati diavel amg

Design Triumph: Vilner Ducati Diavel AMG

Vilner Ducati Diavel AMG is the name of the latest project of the Bulgarian luxury tuning specialists at Studio Vilner. Although they mainly work on elaborate exterior and interior designs of automobiles, we have seen so far that they can make a motorbike look as exquisite and special as never before. The same is the case with this Ducati model. The professionals at Vilner revealed that they have reworked this muscle motorbike not because they weren’t satisfied with its design, but because of the simple reason

volar-e applus+idiada to include interior by vilner [video]

VOLAR-e Applus+Idiada To Include Interior By Vilner [VIDEO]

There has been just released some hot news at the official Facebook page of the Bulgarian luxury tuning brand Vilner. The specialists are disclosing with their fans that they are going to be those to create the interior of the fastest electric vehicle ever produced – the VOLAR-e Applus+Idiada. There hasn’t been

the new exclusive visual stance of vilner ducati diavel

The New Exclusive Visual Stance Of Vilner Ducati Diavel

Although the luxury tuning Bulgarian brand Vilner is mainly associated with the exquisite and breath-taking modifications of automobiles, it has proved that it has some special place in the world of motorbikes, too. After the enhancement and complete transformation of the Aprilia Stingray, Triumph Speed Tripple and Duc

vilner restores 1938 opel olympia

Vilner Restores 1938 Opel Olympia

Opel Olympia is one of the icons in the automotive industry. The compact car was in production from 1935 to 1940, and from 1947 to 1953, and then again from 1967 to 1970. As a matter of fact, the first Olympia was Germany's first mass-produced car with an all-steel unitized body which delivered an enhancement of the weight of the model. In addition, Olympia was a revolutionary car, because for he first time in the automotive world, there has been used spot welding, advanced types of steel, an

exclusive: vilner bentley continental gt finally revealed!

EXCLUSIVE: Vilner Bentley Continental GT Finally Revealed!

At last! Vilner Bentley Continental GT has finally been revealed in its entire glorious and magnificent stance! After the project has been teased several times, the time has come for it to be fully disclosed to the automotive world! And everything that we can add is that it was worth the wait! Eight months ago in St

vilner teases the tuned interior of bentley continental gt [video]

Vilner Teases The Tuned Interior Of Bentley Continental GT [VIDEO]

In the beginning of this month we have received the second of two teasers that gave us a glimpse of what the exclusive Vilner Bentley Continental GT would look like. Now it is time for the third one, and in its case the luxury tuning specialists at Vilner are sharing with us some insights around the working process regarding the interior of the vehicle. The exclusive video, which you can view below, reveals some of the highlights that are goin

vilner bentley continental gt teased again [video]

Vilner Bentley Continental GT Teased Again [VIDEO]

At the end of the last month we were extremely excited to receive the news that the luxury tuning specialists at the Bulgarian company Vilner have a new exciting project. This time they have put all their efforts and attention towards giving an entire make-over to a Bentley Continental GT model. Now, just days ahead

teaser: bentley continental gt by vilner [video]

TEASER: Bentley Continental GT by Vilner [VIDEO]

We have received extremely exciting news from the Bulgarian luxury tuning specialists at Vilner, who have just sent us a teaser video that reveals what will be their next exquisite project. Studio Vilner have already established a very prominent position in the creation of superior interiors on different kind of automobiles of versatile classes. In addition, in their portfolio is evident that they have made some exterior finishes as well. And now it is the time that they are also about to showcase their first

hot: vilner enhances the interior of mercedes-benz sl

HOT: Vilner Enhances The Interior Of Mercedes-Benz SL

When it comes to interior, the Bulgarian luxury tuning specialists at Vilner are among those who always deliver the best. This time they have worked on the emblematic Mercedes-Benz SL model and made it even more exceptional then before. Vilner reveals that this is one of their bravest projects. The reason lies in th

exclusive: vilner resurrects alfa romeo zagato roadster

EXCLUSIVE: Vilner Resurrects Alfa Romeo Zagato Roadster

Almost a month ago we have seen an upcoming project heading our virtual pages. The exceptional Bulgarian tuning specialists from Vilner has just disclosed their unique restoration work on the emblematic and legendary Alfa Romeo Zagato Roadster. The two-seater convertible was produced from 1992 until December 1994. M

vilner teases the resurgence of alfa romeo zagato roadster [video]

Vilner Teases The Resurgence Of Alfa Romeo Zagato Roadster [VIDEO]

It’s definitely becoming hotter but not because the winter time slowly passes away, but because the Bulgarian luxurious tuning specialists from Vilner have just released their latest teaser footage. And with it we aren’t to see an “ordinary” car that has just come out of the factory, but instead - a very classy collectible. We are speaking here about the extraordinary Alfa Romeo Zagato Roadster. The two-seater convertible was produced