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meet vilner’s exclusive “fibra de carbono rosso” based on alfa romeo spider

Meet Vilner’s Exclusive “Fibra de Carbono Rosso” Based on Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa Spider “Fibra dе Carbono Rosso” is a project by the exclusive Bulgarian art tuning studio Vilner based on the Alfa Romeo Spider, produced in 2010. This particular car has a stunning performance enhanced by chip tuning and offering 250 horsepower (184 kW) and 420 Nm (310 lb-ft) of torque. It definitely promises incomparable experience which had to be matched in terms of visuals. And this was the main goal of the tuning specialists: to cr

vilner creates the most eccentric mini one cabrio in the universe

Vilner Creates the Most Eccentric MINI One Cabrio in the Universe

This is one of the craziest, most adorable and coolest interiors I have ever seen! And I have seen many. Under the exquisite work done here stands the name of Vilner, which has recently opened a studio in China. By the way, this is the first official project of the Beijing Studio they have decided to show to the general public. As Vilner says, this is literally “the most eccentric MINI One Cabrio in the Universe”. The project was commissio

the force awakens with top 5 star wars themed cars

The Force Awakens with Top 5 Star Wars Themed Cars

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is probably the most discussed topic now. And it should be since this movie has left an indisputable and strong mark in the consciousness of at least three generations. From grandparents to grandchildren, everyone is going to the movie theaters with expectations of a grandeur experien

vilner and their mind-blowing tesla model s [before & after]

Vilner and their Mind-Blowing Tesla Model S [Before & After]

It was about time that the extremely professional tuning specialists at Vilner got their hands on vehicles like the Model S. The electric vehicle is one of the most coveted cars on the planet and one that can not be seen in our everyday life. And so are Vilner tunings. So wasn’t it just perfect for Vilner to finally customize a Model S? The answer is absolutely positive! Just see the results in the before an after pictures to make sure of that.

art studio vilner officially opens doors in beijing

Art Studio Vilner Officially Opens Doors in Beijing

We have exciting and extremely exclusive news for everyone who is keen on masterful customization. Vilner is expanding its presence around the world with the opening of the first official representative studio in Beijing, China! The tuner just sent us the information and images of the opening ceremony and we couldn’t

vilner is back with custom rimac concept one and tramontana xtr

Vilner is Back with Custom Rimac Concept One and Tramontana XTR

Vilner is finally back… with not one but two concept projects: custom Rimac Concept One and Tramontana XTR. After the luxurious Bulgarian tuning company has been silent for a while, it was about time to raise its voice. And how it does it: with two projects that are more creative than ever. By the way, both cars have been previewed at Salon Privé Concours d'Elégance: one of the most beautiful, prestigious and valuable car events. As a matt

vilner finally releases new project based on morgan plus 8 anniversary edition

Vilner Finally Releases New Project Based on Morgan Plus 8 Anniversary Edition

The last time we have heard about Vilner was almost five months ago. Right ahead of Christmas the tuning studio has released Porsche 911 cabrio-based project that has also drawn a lot of attention. Luckily the talented specialists have been working on many projects and have been very busy. One proof for that is their newest project, involving a Morgan Plus 8 roadster. How cool is that! But let me continue. History Behind this Car There is noth

can porsche 911 turbo cabriolet be more exclusive? vilner answers with new project!

Can Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet be More Exclusive? VILNER Answers with new Project!

Porsche 911 is a synonym that stands for the ultimate sports car. The engineers of the brand from Stuttgart have polished this 911 diamond into even more glamorous and exclusive “creature”. However, the specialists at the Bulgarian studio Vilner, know that one can always do and expect more. And they have proven it once again with their latest project on 911 (997) Turbo Convertible, thus showing that there can be more exclusivity to a 911Turbo

vilner recreates the eternal battle between bmw and mercedes-benz

Vilner Recreates the Eternal Battle between BMW and Mercedes-Benz

Vilner has released an exclusive interior tuning of two of the most wanted premium cars: BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The eternal competition can be viewed below and it is up to you to decide which vehicle you like better! What is more, the battle is highlighted by two very symbolic colors: blue, which was chosen for the 5-Series, and red, which goes for the E-Class. This surely reminds us of other constant derby – this one between Chelsea and Arsena

vilner's audi rs6 is capable of 700 horsepower!

Vilner's Audi RS6 is Capable of 700 Horsepower!

It was the end of 2012 when we showed you a one-off project on Audi RS6 that made history and everyone was talking about for a long, long time. The tuner of course was Vilner and with company’s current take on RS6, it is aiming to change history once again. This Audi has just received attentive therapy not only in terms of interior modifications, but also in terms of what is standing under the hood. Inside, the car is defined by predominantly white, blue and black colors. In details, the ceiling is wrapped in

exclusive: vilner writes autobiography with a special carbon pack

EXCLUSIVE: Vilner Writes Autobiography with a Special Carbon Pack

There are two best autobiographies in the world. The first one was sold in millions of copies, while the other - only in a few thousand. The first belongs to Winston Churchill, and the other is a Range Rover. The Long wheel base Range Rover Autobiography sits at the top of the luxury two-wheel drives – it is simply brilliant! Nevertheless, the tuning specialists at Vilner were inclined to add one more special thing in it and it is carbon fib

hot: vilner reveals bmw stormtrooper

HOT: Vilner Reveals BMW Stormtrooper

One year ahead of the premiere of Star Wars 7, the new Stormtrooper is here. The next George Lucas movie will be released in theaters next year, but the Bulgarian studio Vilner has already warmed-up the premiere with its latest project - the Stormtrooper. When you see it you will immediately understand why it carries that name. With its sparkling white color and with power hidden in its forms, the car is reminiscent of the Imperial Army troops of Darth Vader. Unlike the numerous army of Lord Vad