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the temptation of vilner mercedes-benz cls

The Temptation of Vilner Mercedes-Benz CLS

The latest astonishing transformation that the Bulgarian tuners from Vilner have made is on the emblematic Mercedes-Benz model CLS. Having in mind what we have seen so far from them, and particularly the great work and craftsmanship they implement on any model, we are to see here another one-of-a-kind vehicle. The transformation concerns not only the interior, but the exterior as well. Starting with the exterior grille, going through the taillights the great work passes on the interior, where the true power of t

vilner ducati monster 1100 evo

Vilner Ducati Monster 1100 Evo

Vilner Ducati Monster 1100 Evo is the latest project of our talented friends from the Bulgarian tuning company Vilner. Although it is not a car, their exquisite and excellent work has grabbed our attention and as you can see from the pictures, it is high-quality craftsmanship they have showed here. The main purpose of Studio is minimal optical tuning on the Ducati Monster Evo 1100, which has served as a basis. They didn’t want to exaggerate the details. The reason for this is that the bike

debut of rimac concept one

Debut of Rimac Concept One

Rimac Concept One - the electric hyper car, will make its first world appearance at this year’s Salon Privé. The event is UK’s most prestigious Supercar Event. The car is indeed exceptional, and of course its price is even more exceptional. Because it costs $1 000 000 only 88 examples of the sensational vehicle be produced. Among the people who team who stays behind the design and engineering of this concept car includes designers who used to work for the fabled Italian styling house Pin

vilner gentle pagoda mercedes-benz w113

Vilner Gentle Pagoda Mercedes-Benz W113

What constitutes having class? Wine and cheese, caviar? Or maybe golf... going to the opera every now and then? We don't know. If someone asks us to show up at a party we'll most probably go for our Hawaiian shirt, shorts and flip-flop gear. The one thing that would be on our minds however, will be our ride. There's much to choose from... in our alternate reality where we own Jay Leno's garage. Today though, we stumbled upon a prime candidate – A Mercedes-Benz Pagoda from the 60s. It has howev

audi a3 eset tuned by vilner

Audi A3 Eset tuned by Vilner

Vilner has prepared a special promo car for ESET Bulgaria. The project is based on Audi A3, which was put on entire rebuild during two months in Vilner's studio. ESETs wish was that the corporate colors are kept on the car. It started with a design project of the exterior and interior. In the course of the work, all the modified bumpers were removed – the aim was to keep the vision of the A3 at the maximum, so that the emphasis remains largely on the colors and some elements of the exterior

land rover defender 2 by vilner

Land Rover Defender 2 by Vilner

Vilner has announced a new tuning program for the rough Land Rover Defender 2, which has been transformed from hard off-roader to luxurious ride suitable for everyday driving. The interior has been entirely reorganized – 4 individual sport seats upholstered in brown and black, using Nappa and Alcantara. There is also leather on the door panels, the dashboard, the grips on the headliner and the sun visor. It is an interesting decision to cover the sun visor in Alcantara, but it looks very ni

the exceptional vilner bmw f10

The Exceptional Vilner BMW F10

Vilner BMW F10 is the latest project that has just been finished by the exceptional Bulgarian tuning company Vilner. The car already has got the perfect forms, design and technical characteristics. What makes it unique however, is the astonishing interior design, which is everything that one could possibly want. In details, the interior is in white and carries a well outspoken personality. This is achieved due to the high-quality materials used: white leather for the seats and for the internal p

2012 vilner infiniti ex37 - the modern crossover with Оld school interior

2012 Vilner Infiniti EX37 - The Modern Crossover with Оld School Interior

For the first time this year we have news from the tuning company VILNER. Now, those excellent tuners have prepared for us a modification of the interior of the Infinity EX37 which will leave us speechless! While making the luxury interior, Vilner has used high-quality, expensive, and mostly unpopular materials. For example take a look at the seats, the doors, the lower part of the panel, the hoods and the gearshift – they all have been “d

2011 top 10 tunings

2011 Top 10 Tunings

If you wonder which are the most creative and astonishing tunings that we have seen during the almost gone 2011, here we have picked 10 of the most impressive ones. There were several factors that have been considered in order to make this top 10. First of all exterior tuning, next is the overall improvement in the performance, and at last is the changes made in the interior. VILNER SATURN SKY This unique Vilner design has made it through in our top 10. Vilner Saturn Sky boasts nice orient

vilner mercedes vito 120 cdi

Vilner Mercedes Vito 120 CDI

Vilner has announced their new project. It is based on Mercedes Vito 120 CDI, which is turned to a real eye-catcher, instead of an ordinary family van.  The big vehicle received unique interior and some exterior modifications. Firstly, the interior looking exactly like one in a private airplane. It features seats from Mercedes CL with mahogany armrests, luxurious tables and extra soundproofing. Other upgrades include an Amareta-covered rear-view mirror, an ergonomic steering wheel, and extra

2011 top 5 tunings of small cars

2011 TOP 5 Tunings of Small Cars

We have seen this year some incredible tunings which have left a big impression in our mind. However, some of the greatest tunings were made on … the tiniest car segment. In this top 5 are presented some of the most remarkable tunings made on small cars such as Smart for two and Volkswagen Beetle. The selection is based on the overall outlook of the car, i.e. the tuned exterior, the improvements made to enhance its performance, and of course - on the interior. SMART FORTWO DISCO BALL Num

mercedess g-class is now worthy of cinderella

Mercedess G-Class is now worthy of Cinderella

How do you think a modern carriage would look like nowadays? Of course it have to be worthy of modern prices and princesses. Studio VILNER has the answer and it lies not in the fairy-tale of Charles Perault, but in the magnificent Mercedes G-Class. When you open its door you’ll then plunge into the magical world of the VILNERs atelier. What you’ll see here is that he interior is entirely made-over and it is definitely perfectly suitable for royalties. First of all the coupe is made with high-quality leather.