The attention at the Paris motor show is prone to be turned at the DS Brand's spectacular launch. Citroen is very serious about the DS brand being a stand-alone unit. The Divine DS represent a vision of the future for the DS brand. A compact four-door vehicle the Divine DS stands out due to its sensual looking exterior, but msotly due to the striking interior. The cabin design features a bold, high-tech layout with spectacular contrast, which introduces the hyper typish tehcnique, allowing customers to choose an interior trim that reflects their personality.

While the german auto makers are engaged in battle to see how can make the best sports car out of a family hatchback, french care maker Citroen is having another goal at the perfect luxuty experience. The all-new DS Divine is making its debut at the Paris motor show. This is the first european car model launched since the PSA decided to turn citron and DS into separate car brands with different identities. You can deffinitely tell the Divine DS is in a totally different league from the likes of the the DS 3

The Divine DS power comes from one of the most impressive engines PSA owns. The same one 1.6 litter turbo used by the Peugeot RCZ delivering up to 270 PS at 6,000 rpm, 243 lb feed from 1900 rpm. The DS's 1.6 Liter THP turbocharged direct-injection petrol engine, developing 270 hp and a maximum torque of 330 Nm, 243 lb-ft between 1,900 and 5,500 rpm provides you with one pretty fast ride.

Even though, it clearly borrows its headlights style, key highlights of the design, like the interior or the tailights take on the appearance of a multi-faceted service made up of small interlocking triangles. Another interesting feature is the laser technology used on the headlights. Inspired by the facelift DS3, the light signature at the front, maintains the principal of independent lead modules and features "Swarowski" crystal fabric at the base of each unit. The headlights combine sequental indicators with laser technology. They include two high-powered laser diodes per module, which are 50% more powerful than conventional LED lights. Equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels which have floating spokes.

The interiror also boasts a new headliner design, inspired by three branches with jewel enctusted dashboard. The cabin features three interchangable interior ambiences, each with its own unique style that can be changed in just 15 minutes. These three different ambiences are called "mâle", French for male, "Parisien chic", were designed with the help of famous names, including embroidery and crystals from "Swarowski"

The car is 4.21 meters long, 1.98 meters wide and 1.35 meters high, this makes it about the same length as the C4 hatchback, but a lot wider. Its proportions and well rounded rear quarters look like the Alfa Romeo Brera, it may look like the french car manufacturer is copying an Italian design but this nothing like that.

The Paris Motor Show is going to be opened to the public on Saturday, 4 October 2014.

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