Porsche 718s TeaserIf you have been excited about Porsche's last announcement, than we are happy to announce that the company has released an exclusive video as well as a picture which show the link between the historical 718 and the new 718 Boxster and Cayman. So basically, the legendary Porsche 718 is back! And you can see it in its entire glory in the video below.

As a mid-engine Sports Cars the 718 has a long tradition at Porsche, setting standards on the racetrack. And are we to expect that the new two models will do the same? Hopefully they will.

The Legend is About to Return

Back in the days, the legendary Porsche 718 was lightweight, fast and beautiful. It was one of the most favorite cars then, winning numerous races and winning the hearts of enthusiasts and the drivers. It has many advantages, but some of them that stood the most were the excellent power-to-weight ratio, it had a top speed of up to 260 km/h (162 mph) and had great maneuverability.

Curious About the New 718 Models?

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With the introduction of the 718 Boxster and Cayman, Porsche is envisioning a bright dynamic future of our mid-engine Sports Cars. Since it is tradition for the 718 number to set standards on the race track, this means that all expectations are set high on the two new cars. In other words, the company is promising to follow the footsteps of the historical race machine in 2016.

The new 718 model range will be powered by the new flat-four turbo engines developed by Porsche. They are powerful and will definitely show exceptional performance. The most important difference between the two cars is shown in their names: "Boxster" and "Cayman", signifying that one is open and the other closed.

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Source: Porsche