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Mazda News

mazda japan debuts mx-5 rs roadster

Mazda MX-5 RS Roadster edition has just been introduced to the Japanese market. The car is all about driving fun and the ‘RS’ designation comes as a proof. The ‘RS’ in the name of this MX-5 also comes with additional interior and exterior equipment as well as advanced safety and technology features. Exterior & Ride Quality The current model on the picture above and in the gallery below is painted in white, and features some exclusive updates that make it different from other MX-5s.

mazda sports car concept teased ahead of tokyo premiere

Mazda Sports Car Concept will have a world premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show happening in the end of October. It will be accompanied by cars like the recently revealed Mazda KOERU and Cosmo Sport 110. With this concept vehicle the company is stressing on the driving joy that its cars deliver, and this is additionally em

mazda koeru concept was unveiled today at the 2015 fiaa!

Mazda has done its best to add to the award-winning KODO - Soul of Motion design idea with the demonstration of Mazda KOERU today at the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show. The latest crossover SUV concept is expected to be a major influence for the fast-growing SUV arena. Vehicle's stylish eyes, low cabin and

bbr launces upgrade and tweak packages for mazda3

Mazda performance specialists at BBR are proud to demonstrate the two stages of powerplant upgrades for the 2.0-liter Skyactiv-G versions for the Mazda 3. The result of almost a year of experiments and in-house testing, demonstrated that the 2.0-Skyactiv-G tuning program has successfully removed the vital electronic and mechanical restrictions on 120, 145 and 165 hp (88, 106 and 121 kW) versions for Mazda 3 /6, CX-3 and CX-5. This all means that the Mazda engineering team unleashed the full force of the latest d

mazda2 gets ingenious sport black special edition

Mazda2 is getting a brand new Sport Black Special Edition with stylish and sophisticated enhancements. Although the supermini model is already fitted with high levels of standard specification, its sporty styling improvements give a sense of individuality. This particular model is based on the 90PS SE-L Nav trim level

surprisingly similar: what happens when we compare 2016 miata to a 2015 boxster?

2016 Mazda Miata and 2015 Porsche Boxster are two vehicles, which are famous for its origin, heredity, immense performance capability and compact dimension. But what happens when we compare both and how different is the Miata from the Boxster? Mazda has just released an Infographic displaying a parallel between the cars and you can view it below. It gives a good comprehension of how the one is different from the other. Of course, even without

2016 mazda cx-3 and what it has to offer

2016 Mazda CX-3 is the latest vehicle segment, that the well-known brand unveiled. As you know, these kind vehicles don't come so often, so Mazda took the chance to show its latest subcompact crossover vehicle, especially created to deliver pleasurable and safe driving. So, let's check it out. Furthermore, Mazda North American Operations has already released full list of prices and details. Now, the 2016 Mazda CX-3 can even be ordered with the Sport trim and some further tweaks like the special i-ACTIV all-wheel

mazda bt-50 comes refreshed and restyled. check it out!

Mazda BT-50 is finally announced for production. In fact, Japan-Mazda Motor Corporation started the production yesterday at the Thailand Auto Alliance plant. Mazda's plans are to refresh and introduce the model later this year, starting with Thailand and Australia.  The freshened Mazda BT-50 Mazda BT-50 made numerou

mercedes, lamborghini, mazda and other beauties: this week's overview

So, we are at the end of the week and it is time to review one more time what happened in the motorsport world. Or at least remind you the interesting news. There were numerous interesting events, some refreshed car modes and some disappointments. But let's forget about the stupid ideas and focus on the interesting ones. 2017 Lamborghini Aventador SuperveVeloce Roadster Stunningly beautiful and dangerously powerful, the latest Lambo masterpiece

2016 mazda3: too good to be true or good enough for the price

2016 Mazda3 and all it has to offer. Now, one of the most popular vehicle brands with one of its most popular models released detailed information about what will owners get for the upcoming 2016 model. As always Mazda offers high quality, versatility and good price. Or maybe it is just one more annoying marketing strategy? Decide for yourself. 2016 Mazda3 and its offering So, let's start with the drivetrain system. Mazda3 will be available wit

forza horizon 2 surprises winners with all-new 2016 mazda miata mx-5

Forza Horizon 2 was only a purchase, but with it David Goss of Missouri recieved a fresh out-of-the-fabric 2016 MX-5 Miata. How? Today, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, Goss defeated Colton Miller of Indiana in the Mazda MX-5 Challenge, especially created by Mazda and Xbox, which grants the car as a prize. In fact, each one of the two participants received a all-new 2016 Mazda MX-5 vehicle. How cool is that? Eric Watso

2016 mazda cx-3 is rated as one of the most economic crossovers for 2015 and 2016

2016 Mazda CX-3 crossover vehicle was rated with EPA-estimated fuel economy of 29 mpg city/35 mpg highway, which makes the vehicle a leader among the subcompact crossover vehicles for 2015 and 2016. The 2016 CX-3  will grant customers with style, sporty character and comfort. the vehicle offers numerous standard features, as keyless ignition, back camera and many more optional like Mazda Radar Cruise Control, adaptive LED headlights and of co