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Mazda News

mazda will demonstrate legendary vehicles at 2015 goodwod festival of speed

Mazda will celebrate its role as Central Feature Marque at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed. With the ever-growing desire to create even better and better engines and vehicles, Mazda team has always been motivated by a single motto: "never stop challenging". Now, at 2015 Goodwood festival the Japanese brand will honor the incredible lineup of super cars, including the 1991 Le Mans 787B. In fact, this particular vehicle will make its first appe

mitsuoka motor company is ready to launch its roadster model in uk

In June 2015 Mitsuoka Motor's Roadster will make its European debut under the distribution of T W White & Sons and will be displayed on many of their showrooms across Surrey, South London and Kent. Created to challenge the science of engineering and style, the Mitsuoka Roadster makes a revolution with its "modern classic"  sport vehicle concept. it comes with a complicated sporty design  and elegant lines, that combine the well-known vin

eibach refreshes the mazda2

Minor changes to a car can make a huge difference. This is obviously the motto of the specialists at Eibach, who once again has given their best to bring out the best possible outcome. Under their attention this time is the latest generation supermini Mazda2. The vehicle is so cute that last year it has received the renowned Red Dot Award for its sporty design. The latter is based on Mazda’s energetic “KODO – Soul of Motion” design strategy. The five-door hatch is fitted with the SKYA

mazda sold its one-millionth cx-5 unit!

Mazda team proudly sold its one-millionth unit from Mazda CX-5 lineup at the end of April. The popular SUV machine marked the incredible achievement in less than three and a half years, after the model went on sale in late 2011. This achievement is so big, that only one more model have done it: the Mazda3. In fact, the Mazda3 reached one million sold copies in even lesser time. Introduced to the ever-growing segment, Mazda's compact crossover model is also the first to include the SKYACTIV te

mazda launches a special advertisement campaign

As we all know, Mazda believes, that the word "driving" is not just the operation and controlling the vehicle. The team believes, that this is an experience, that can bring incredible pleasure of life itself. And to stay true to prove its words, Mazda launched a special campaign, named "Driving Matters". The campaign itself will demonstrate different aspects of what is the thing, which makes driving important and pleasurable at the same time. Mazda's advanced technologies and design will be only part of what the

2016 mazda miata mx-5 comes with upgraded set of bose audio system

Bose announced, that the  MX-5 Miata roadster will be blasting out music from an even better audio system. With all the further improvements, the 2016 MX-5 will grant its drivers the pleasure of high and smooth performance, along with high-quality audio experience.  Let's see what's the different this time in the latest Mazda family member. The 2016 Miata's acoustics change its character significantly, depending on the roof position. What is

fleet managers are really interested in mazda's latest models

Mazda team aims for a 25 per cent increased fleet sales in 2015/2016 and managers are convinced, that they have just the right range model to achieve this goal. In fact, fleet decision-makers, that attended the Fleet Show at the Silverstone complex were attracted to the brand, when they saw stylish vehicles, reliability, wonderful performance and low CO2 emission, that are result of Mazda's innovative SKYACTIV technology. At the show, fleet ma

toyota and mazda teamed up one more time!

Toyota Motor Company and Mazda Motor Corporation entered an agreement to creat a mutually beneficial partnership. Booth brands will be leveraging resources to enhance each other's production and boost technological development. Both Toyota and Mazda will go to the end result of offering even better and more appealing cars, that will meet all the needs of customers all around the world. There will be also a joint committee, that will set up to elavuate each brand's strengths. It will also encourage broad and mean

2016 mazda mx-5 cup is under development

Mazda is currently testing the new MX-5 Cup racer at Mazda Raceway. This is part of the development process of the 2016 model, which will actually include series of tests. They will happen also in public in all remaining race weekends during the 2015 MX-5 Cup season. The prototype racer Tom Long, who has already won three times with a MX-5 Miata, will lead the development of the car. His assistants this week will be racers Kenton Koch and Andrew Carbonell. Of course, there is nothing but high expectations abo

2016 mazda mx-5 miata demonstrates incredible efficiency

It is lighter, faster and more reliable. The 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata is here to show incredible style and performance. With improved power to weight ratio and the rear-wheel drive, this is one of the best compact sports car, that Mazda has ever built. We have followed the building process from the beginning, but we are s

mazda announces mx-5 specifications

Madza MX-5 is one of the most appreciated cars worldwide and its latest generation has just entered production. So, to make some noise around it, the company has released details around its specifications and UK-bounded pricing. In addition, the car is also scheduled to make debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed. The first thing that we have to mention about this Mazda, is that it has exceptional power to weight ratio. It is fitted with rear-wheel drive and has the ideal 50:50 weight distributi

2016 mazda mx-5 is almost here! the production has begun.

The wait is over. The 2016 Mazda MX-Miata production had already begun. The 2016 model is actually the long-waited and highly-anticipated car, that will continue the popularity of the famous two-seater. Mazda North American Operations has already released a price list and made a statement, that the first 1,000 cars wil