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carbon motors team reminds how badass the 1980's were! check this bad boy out!

Carbon Motors Team Reminds How Badass The 1980's Were! Check This Bad Boy Out!

Carbon Motors team from Bulgaria showcases its latest and super interesting project: the vehicle as a wearable. Also, people can recognize this one as a throwback to the good ol’ 1980’s. The vehicle? Audi B2 Coupe. This is the street version of the super-legendary machine and it has undergone some incredible changes. First of all, the team has managed to do something incredible: the structure and appearance are as close as possible to the ori

2017 audi rs 3: it is sporty, elegant and agile. check it out!

2017 Audi RS 3: it is sporty, elegant and agile. Check it out!

Audi unveils the latest RS 3 sedan at this year’s Paris Motor Show! Definitely an eye-catcher, this sweetie has a lot to demonstrate. So, let’s waste no time and see what Audi team has prepared for us! Exterior styling This is not only athletic in terms of drivetrain system. It also expresses confidence and sexiness with its body language. We see a Singleframe with a three-dimensional honeycomb grille, neat air intakers, of course, dist

2017 audi q5: what should you be hyped for?

2017 Audi Q5: what should you be hyped for?

Audi officially presents the Q5 model year 2017. This SUV will incorporate some neat sporty drivetrain features, along with some comfort- and utility-enhancing interior systems and gadgets. We all doubt whether this is a good idea or not. So, let’s see what else has Audi prepared for 2017 and see for ourselves! Exterior styling Of course, the vehicle is distinctive and immediately recognizable. It comes with curved and strongly undercut shoulder lines, strongly expressed wheel arches and straight horizontal

audi tt s-line limited edition: there's more than fancy lights

Audi TT S-Line Limited Edition: there's more than fancy lights

Let’s talk about the new TT S line vehicles. As always, Audi team tries its best to deliver even better specs, performance rates and overall joy of driving. The additions include slight exterior styling tweaks, some more convenience additions for the interior and of course, improvements onto the drivetrain system. So, let’s see what is going on here! Exterior design Staying true to its styling language, Audi brings one more impressive a

2017 audi tt rs revealed! there are new taillights! how original!

2017 Audi TT RS revealed! There are new taillights! How original!

New Audi TT RS is about to be released! The latest addition to the sporty lineup will feature 400hp (298kW) via five-cylinder engine and it will be available for order in this November! Available in Coupe and Roadster body types, this one got our attention! Here's why. There are numerous additions to the latest guy in the lineup. First of all, the whole vehicle is lighter with a total of 26kig and features fresh new 2.5-liter TFSI engine with

pp-performance audi rs7: fascinating looks and crushing power

PP-Performance Audi RS7: fascinating looks and crushing power

Making their first steps by upgrading and tuning some hi-end vehicles for different sheiks in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, experts from PP-PERFORMANCE showcase their latest creation: a special Audi RS7 model that has nothing to do with ortodoxal Audi vehicles. The brutally pumped output power, reduced fuel consumption and the enhanced driving pleasures are just some of the new features this incredibly lucky vehicle has received. So, let's check it out!

a sporty audi hybrid? yes, please!

A sporty Audi hybrid? Yes, please!

Audi of America refreshes the A3 Sportback e-tron and welcomes the latest member to the electric plug-in family. The compact A3 car offers some neat performance capabilities, blended with good efficiency and tons of technologies. So, let's see what is going on here. The agile 2017 A3 Sportback e-tron Benefitting from both electric and inner-combustion power, the sweetheart offers a total of 204hp (152kW) via a 1.4-liter TFSI power unit and 258lb-ft of torque. Long story short, A3 Sportback

audi announces details for the q2 edition #1: what's so special about it?

Audi announces details for the Q2 Edition #1: what's so special about it?

Audi is ready to launch its new compact SUV and show why it is not afraid of experimenting. the Q2 Edition #1 comes in exclusive gray interior finish, black and Manhattan gray exterior details, stylish 19-inch wheels and long list of standard features. Eventual buyers can expect first deliveries in early September this year. Q2 Edition #1 is based on the looks of the S lineup and features sporty bumpers and sills, distinctive diffuser and some

what’s new for the refreshed 2017 audi a3 lineup?

What’s new for the refreshed 2017 Audi A3 Lineup?

Audi of America reveals technology abundant updated Audi A3 Family 2017 Audi A3 Family has been refreshed for the new model year and those who will benefit from the advantages it offers are the American customers. The prices are starting as low as $34,200 USD. The lineup, which is debuting in the United States,

audi r8 spyder v10 is one step closer to your garage

Audi R8 Spyder V10 is one step closer to your garage

Audi is taking first pre-orders for the R8 Spyder V10 Audi R8 Spyder V10 made its debut at the 2016 New York International Auto Show in March. Now it is time for the first wanna-be owners to make probably the most important step in their lives and purchase the model. The car is exceptional. It is driven by th

mean, confident and flexible: 2016 audi q2 reveals brand's badass side

Mean, confident and flexible: 2016 Audi Q2 reveals brand's badass side

Neat design meets advanced technology: new Audi Q2 will join the powerful Q range and will try to prove itself worthy. How? With a relatively low price tag and all that defines Audi as a manufacturer: superior quality, neat style, tons of technologies and some refreshments. And without further due, let's see whether this sweetie will deserve its place among its brothers, or will it just stand there and be pretentious about it! Exterior styling

you need only five steps to boost your audi s1 to 380hp and 540nm!

You need only five steps to boost your Audi S1 to 380HP and 540Nm!

B&B Automobiltechnik offers power upgrades for Audi S1 B&B Audi S1 is powerful beyond measure, metaphorically speaking. The tuning company has raised the horsepower and torque of this little wolf by applying five separate stages. All you need to know from the start is that the standard output of the S1 is 231 hp (170 kW) and 370 Nm (280 lb-ft) of torque. A true pocket rocket! There is a big need for power updating obviously