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2012 sr ferrari 458 italia: project refined beauty

2012 SR Ferrari 458 Italia: Project Refined Beauty

2012 SR Ferrari 458 Italia: Project Refined Beauty is in fact the second transformation done on Ferrari 458 Italia by SR Auto Group. The previous one carried the project name “Era” and has already captured many hearts. Of course, the fascination for this amazing vehicle is one hundred percent understandable. The

2012 sr bmw z4 – spicing everything up

2012 SR BMW Z4 – Spicing Everything Up

2012 SR BMW Z4 is the latest conversion by the tuners from SR Auto Group done on a unique BMW model. Although it is not changed in terms of performance, it was “spiced up” with unique design elements. In short, SR Auto Group has enriched the already outstanding BMW Z4 model. The latter stands for style, speed and performance, and more importantly is able to capture any heart with its 245 horsepower (180 kW).Its torque produces 350Nm (260 lb-ft). And the result is that the Z4 absolutely effortlessly accele

the prowler project: sr maserati gran turismo convertible

The Prowler Project: SR Maserati Gran Turismo Convertible

SR Maserati Gran Turismo Convertible - Prowler Project is the latest luxury project of the works of collaboration between PUR Wheels and SR Auto Group. If you have thought that they might stop amazing you with exceptional vehicles, well this Project called Prowler will prove you wrong. The Prowler is based on Masera

sr auto project denso fiat 500 prima edizione

SR Auto Project Denso Fiat 500 Prima Edizione

We really hate it when some tuning houses decide to put some flashy wheels on an already appealing car and call it a project. So when we caught a glimpse of this Fiat 500 Prima Edizione (limited edition) touched by SR Auto, we rolled our eyes. “Here's another one... what's it called?” Project Denso they say. Okay, so it has a set of lightweight Work Meister S1R wheels. Massive two-piece forged things, finished in matte black and line with some bronze. The Fiat's wheel arches, as we can clearly see, are strug

2012 sr lamborghini aventador “project supremacy”

2012 SR Lamborghini Aventador “Project Supremacy”

2012 SR Lamborghini Aventador “Project Supremacy” is the latest project of the work of collaboration between SR Auto Group and PUR Wheels. Both companies have combined to join forces and make the already perfect Aventador into even more supreme. The Aventador is so outstanding in terms of power that you can’t

2012 sr fisker karma es – the debut of the white knight

2012 SR Fisker Karma ES – the debut of the White Knight

2012 SR Fisker Karma ES White Knight is an exceptional enhancement of the ECO innovative and revolutionary vehicle Fisker Karma. When this inspirational luxury vehicle first appeared it made a furore in the hearts of many. It has also opened a whole new realm in the automotive world. What it basically did is to c

sr auto project pryzm scion iq

SR Auto Project Pryzm Scion iQ

We have talked about this before – it's a Scion iQ, custom made by SR Auto. This one however is a bit different, more complete, a finished product in fact. The project is called “Pryzm” and rightfully so. Being so boxy, the only thing that stands between it and a prism is that the latter does not roll on 17-inch Sparko wheels. The ride is lower and a Premier 4509 kit decorates the exterior. That means that the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, front fenders, the hood, and the roof spoi

sr auto exkalaber bmw m5 e60

SR Auto Exkalaber BMW M5 E60

New stuff from SR Auto. Well, actually it's the BMW M5, the E60 one. A project called the “Excalaber” - the strange misspelling trend continues – aims to provide a refreshing look on a generation of BMWs that is on the verge of being overshadowed by its current successor. The idea here is that, SR Auto do not provide any parts of their own, but rather mash together what they can find and see if it works out as an art piece. That's why we have here a Hamann aero kit (front lip, side skirts

sr auto lamborghini gallardo pure 1ne

SR Auto Lamborghini Gallardo Pure 1ne

SR and PUR Wheels have collaborated again and the result of their work is this exceptional Lamborghini Gallardo. In general this particular vehicle is extraordinary enough! However, with received new refreshed and revitalized look, thank to the 1NE design from PUR Wheels. And to make it even more astonishing and irresistible, the Lamborghini received full Hamann aero kit tuning. And this is how one can make a Lamborghini extremely more adorable and desirable. Now, this Gallardo is a styling icon

sr mercedes-benz c63 amg

SR Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

The new project developed from the tuners SR Auto Group is the astonishing SR Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. It is all painted with matte black, thus making it look far greater and empowering. The color is one the best ones which any sport car can have today. This unique shade gives even sportier stance and when one sees its mate black body one will turn their head twice for sure! This project has been done with the collaboration of SR Auto Group with Inspired Autosport – well known tuners from Tor

sr scion iq project

SR Scion IQ Project

Interestingly enough, another custom company has undertaken a Toyota IQ project. Well, when we say Toyota we actually mean a Scion. And, yes, last week was an Aston Martin but this is all just badge talk. So today we have the SR autogroup made IQ – sporty, aggressive and with big wheels. For a body kit, SR have chosen Fiveaxis components. They account for the front lip, side skirts, rear lip, and the roof spoiler. But a body kit does not look complete if it isn't almost grinding on the ground

sr ferrari 458 italia project era

SR Ferrari 458 Italia Project Era

Ferrari 458 Italia in Rosso corsa red is probably the most emblematic car in Ferrari’s history.  Today any color is delivered to the customer. Nonetheless the Rosso corsa red is the staple Ferrari color and it has captured and continues to capture many hearts. Project Era is a fascinating tuning on a Ferrari 458 Italia made by SR Auto Team. It features a wheel design made by PUR ONE design company and which is significant for the 458 model. Here the wheels are further enhanced by a silver