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adaptive kw coilover kit with iphone control for porsche 911

Adaptive KW Coilover Kit With iPhone Control For Porsche 911

KW Automotive is known primarily with numerous racing and coilover kits for Porsche models. Now for the new generation of the 911 the company has released KW iSuspension and offers for the first time adaptive coilovers for the Porsche 911. The KW DDC ECU coilover kit offers to the driver’s three driving modes: "Comfort", "Sport" and "Sport+". In addition, it also stores five personal damper setups per KW DDC App. For the App control via iPho

kw coilover kit for the new 2012 bmw 3-series f30

KW coilover kit for the new 2012 BMW 3-Series F30

The new BMW 3-Series – the F30 is exceptional car. It comes with better engines, nice aerodynamics and good material quality. Its sports nature is all over the car, but KW will add a little more aggressiveness with a special coilover kit Variant 3+ “inox-line” which is part of the worldwide Top-aftermarket products. “In the new design of the KW coilover Variant 3+ we have integrated the compression adjustment wheel in the bottom of the housing. To adjust the rebound damping, the adjustment wheel has

height adjustable kw coilover spring kit for dodge challenger srt8

Height adjustable KW coilover spring kit for Dodge Challenger SRT8

It's common knowledge that muscle cars excel in power and grunt where they lack in suspension and control. And that, can ruin the whole car for some enthusiasts. Luckily, there these guys known as aftermarket tuners. Some of them are official, like the ones that are behind the SRT8 brand. So take this Dodge Challenger SRT8 for example. It has 431 PS and an adaptive damper system – powerful and sophisticated. But at KW Automotive think they can

kw coilovers variant 3+ for mercedes-benz slk 55 amg

KW coilovers Variant 3+ for Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG

KW Automotive have come up with a Variant 3+ “inox-line” coilover kit for the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG. It offers enthusiastic drivers some space for experimenting with the firmness and rebound etc. Hopefully, the KW customers will be entitled to an AMG-superior performance as an end result. Even if you plan

a wide spectrum of weitec suspension systems

A Wide Spectrum of Weitec Suspension Systems

Whenever in need of suspension bits and pieces, two names should...spring to your mind – KW Automotive and Weitec (by KW Automotive). We've always felt that someplace desolate hides a great storage house (think Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull type of installment... you know, with the big storage house part that... never mind). So at that place, KW stockpiles springs and shocks and all kinds of coilover kits. A shopping cart can be hooked up with a suspension if it was up to them. What we hav

kw variant 3+ & clubsport for 2011 audi rs3 sportback

KW Variant 3+ & Clubsport for 2011 Audi RS3 Sportback

KW has introduced Variant 3+ and Clubsport kit for the hottest hatchback on the market – 2012 Audi RS3. The Variant 3+ coilover kit is specially created to improve the handling without sacrificing the ride quality. The kit has 16 levels of damping adjustment as well as height adjustment between 5-35mm at the front

kw bmw 1-series m coupe

KW BMW 1-series M Coupe

KW now offers Variant 3 coilover for BMW 1-Series M Coupe. The suspension kit will further improve the handling of the sport variant of 1-Series. The enhanced adjustable compression damping allows the M Coupe to expertly master sharp bends. So, the car is easier to handle at high speeds and the driver receives greater response from the road. However, if you think that the comfort will suffer, you are wrong. At low speed, the impact of transverse joints is no longer transferred unfiltered into

kw variant 3 for porsche cayenne ii

KW Variant 3 for Porsche Cayenne II

KW has developed a new coilover suspension – Variant 3, which will improve both comfort and handling for Porsche Cayenne II. The KW coilover suspension is factory-delivered with Cayenne II tuned damper characteristics. Variant 3 have all settings that you need to adjust the stiffness and ride height. The lowering ranges from 35 to 70mm according to your taste. Thanks to the production in stainless steel technology "inox-line", the individual components of the KW coilover remain permanent

KW Hydraulic Lift System for Audi TT RS

KW automotive, the suspension specialist has announced a range of coilover suspensions and a Hydraulic Lift System HLS for the nowadays Urquattro, the Audi TT RS. At a price of 849 Euro including VAT, KW is offering coilover suspension Variant 1. With coilover suspension Variant 2, the driver is able to individually adjust the traction phase, the price is 1099 Euro. Both variants are available in the "Basic" version at a favourable entry level price. Additionally, the versions are also availa

KW coilover suspensions for the new VW Polo

The new VW Polo has only just entered the market and KW automotive already offers three different coilover suspensions for the Volkswagen. Variant 1 with solid damping control and a TUV-approved lowering in an adjustment range from 35 to 65 millimetres, the KW coilover suspension Variant 1 offers an optimal balance between sportiness, comfort and safety. In the version basic, the suspension is delivered zinc-plated. The version inox-line with its stainless steel casing guarantees a long durability, even when the

kw dodge challenger

KW Dodge Challenger

Only a few are left. The changed spirit of time and the crisis of the American car manufacturers diminish the number of classical muscle cars. The Dodge Challenger belongs to this minority. With its brawny shapes, the edged radiator grill and an engine with an enormous cubic capacity, the car is a real American. But this also applies for its road holding. The running gear specialist KW helps to improve the weaknesses in taking bends. With high-quality components, KW makes the Challenger unique a

KW presents the Hydraulic Lift System (HLS) UNIVERSAL

Running gear manufacturer KW not only lowers vehicles. The Hydraulic Lift System UNIVERSAL also pushes lowered cars up to 45 millimetres from the ground. With this system even extremely lowered vehicles can pass underground parking exits, speed bumps and railroad crossings easily. Until now HLS was designed model-sp